Analysts Predict Huge Growth for Organic Products

While the stock market’s importance as an indicator of a country’s financial situation is often overblown, it’s no secret that the big banks...

While the stock market’s importance as an indicator of a country’s financial situation is often overblown, it’s no secret that the big banks know their stuff when it comes to stocks. And according to a recent report, one of the world’s biggest banking institutions has great faith in the organic products industry’s financial prospects. Analysts from the Swiss bank UBS, which is the world’s largest manager of private wealth assets with over $2.2 trillion in tow, have predicted that natural and organic product sales could grow at a rate of 10 percent a year for the next decade according to a report from the website Daily Finance. [1]

They went on to note that the United States market is still in the early stages of consumer adoption for truly natural and organic products, and predicted further growth.

“We are still only at the beginning stages of mass-market adoption,” the analysts wrote.

The analysts from UBS and also U.S.-based Goldman Sachs are particularly encouraged by the growth of Sprouts Farmers Market, which they believe can grow annually by 12 percent for the next 15 years.

Along with Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, Sprouts is considered one of the top up-and-coming natural foods markets.

Organic Food Market Growing Globally Despite Government GMO Push

While it may be easy to get discouraged at news of Monsanto loopholes, government collusion, new genetically modified organisms (crops), and chemical companies’ political influence, these new predictions combined with recent global trends are extremely encouraging.

The message is loud and clear: hang in there, because things really are changing.

A 2013 report by the UK-based Soil Association even showed that the global market for organic food grew by more than 25 percent from the years 2008-2011, for instance. [2]

And overall, awareness continues to skyrocket for the benefits of organic food, and about the dangers posed by GMO food to the environment and to the health of humans and other creatures.

The goal, as it has been all along, is to create awareness. Organic food should be the standard, and GMOs are not welcome.

And while the “tipping point” may seem far away, one scientific study shows it only requires that 10% of a population hold an “unshakable belief” in something before it is adopted by the society as a whole. [3]

We’re not too far off, and we can thank, well, each other for making that happen. Again, hang in there and keep doing your part.

By Nick Meyer, Alt Health Works;

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