Canadian Minister of Defense: "ETs Are Visiting Earth And Work With The US Government"

Paul Hellyer , former Canadian Minister of Defense discloses some of the Extraterrestrial Species wh...

Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defense discloses some of the Extraterrestrial Species who have visited and still visit Earth: 

Zeta Reticuli , Pleiadians, Orions, Andromedans and a species known as the "Tall Whites" (Aryans?) that is working with the US Government and living within US secret Air Force bases:

Alexander Light, HumansAreFree.com;

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  1. Today is a great day and this video makes me very happy and filled with hope!

    1. If working with ET's can someday remove the petty differences we have here with our species like religion and the wars they bring, then HOPE is truly available, if the ones who know about them and are now communicating with them will work out some sort of alliance for the betterment of our human existence. Because right now, I don't know how long we can all put up with the utter madness of what we get fed on a daily basis through the news media and alarmist theories about what is truly going on.
      If in fact these ET's have been visiting our planet for thousands of years, than that would explain everything, from the great pyramids found around the world to everything the Bible has to say about our history and our existence. The ET's definitely have played a huge role in our development if this is true. Being a good Christian all my life, I have no problem believing that there can only be good coming from a complete acceptance of their visitations worldwide. The only problem with that would be, and is the reason why it has not happened yet, is that the cover up of their existence has been so successful and religion being so dominant in peoples minds, that a full realization by governments would throw chaos into the world right now. People need to be gently persuaded into this kind of knowledge and that is going to be the tricky part. I wish us all luck in coming to the truth, because it needs to be confronted.

  2. 'American aerospace executive Dr Carol Rosin worked in the 1970s with Dr Wernher von Braun, the German rocket scientist I mentioned earlier, who was employed by NASA after the Second World War.

    She said that he told her when he knew he was dying of cancer that there was a plan to introduce a series of fake enemies to justify the weaponisation of space (and a lot more, in truth).

    They would be, in order: the Soviet Union; terrorists; Third World country 'crazies' - 'countries of concern' in current parlance; asteroids; and the last one would be a threat of an 'alien' invasion. Von Braun told her not to believe any of this when it happened because it would all be a lie and a hoax.'

    1. When the Nazis lost the war, the United States enlisted Von Braun and his associates, who worked for the Nazis in developing missle weapons that would reach America's shores, along with aircraft that would supersede even our current aircraft.
      When the Americans and our allies rounded up these people, they all thought for sure they would be executed. Well, waste not, want not is what the allies were thinking. America needed these brains to help launch what is now our current space program and we weren't about to put bullets through their heads. In spite of them being Nazis. To be fair, I am sure a number of them were working with a gun to their head and not firm believers in Adolf Hitler.
      But to me, saying that the USSR, terrorists, 3rd world nuts and countries of less than appropriate ties, let alone asteroids, are all fake and will be used as lies or hoaxes to steer us away from the truth, is a hoax in itself. All you're saying if that everything we are being told...is a lie.
      That all the above mentioned is a lie, a fake.
      I have much more faith in America and even it's less that stalwart media, even our current president, to think that all we are being told is a cover up, a fake.
      I will put my faith in my own knowledge and come to my own conclusions to what I have seen and learned. And I will not believe an ex-Nazis rant at the end of his life, because if Germany had won the war with Von Braun's help in destroying the free world, then we never would have known that his predictions on his death bed are what they were....fake.
      The Nazis weren't going to stop with just the Jews, Gypsy's and homosexuals. Oh, no. They were out to eliminate all of us. And Von Braun was just the guy to make it happen. Instead, we made it happen for us, for a completely different cause. We won the war. We put Von Braun and his buddies to work for us. Opportunities come to those who act. Was Von Brain an opportunist? You bet. Just as much as America was. That is a hard truth to swallow for me. But it is accepted by me because I personally have had a close encounter. And there was nothing fake about it.

  3. I believe von Braun and if the "aliens" are working with the US government, then the world has a very serious problem.

  4. Their is good & Bad in everyone and every Race, we have to embrace both and tame the beast, with an open heart and mind we have the power to change our perception.
    Doctor Who is a wonderful example as a peace keeper & non violent activist in the universe and on Earth.


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