Alex Collier Interview + Nibiru Insights -- February 20, 2013

Though Alex Collier is officially retired from public life for some time now, I was able to find a recent radio conversation between Alex an...

Though Alex Collier is officially retired from public life for some time now, I was able to find a recent radio conversation between Alex and Jar Perron, for "Ever Beyond". 

In opening, the host integrated an excerpt from an interview with astrophysicist Jim McCanney. If I remember correctly, this interview is not new, and warned of the passing of a smaller solar system throughout our own.

Based on credible sources and research, I continue to support the theory stating that our sun probably has a twin. Known to our ancestors by many names (Kachina, Hercolubus, Nibiru/Planet X, Tyche, Nemesis), the passing of this solar system might had been masked by the smokescreen representing the most observed "comet" in NASA's history, Elenin.

The connections between the name Elenin and the movie Deep Impact, continue to puzzle me: 

1. In the movie Deep Impact, the meteor was discovered by a young amateur astronomer named Leo -- "comet" Elenin was also discovered by a young amateur astronomer named Leonid, or Leo for short. Also, the Elenin "comet" entered our solar system from the Leo Constellation. Obvious connections here!

2. In the movie, the code name for the meteor was E.L.E. and stood for Extinction Level Event -- The surname of the young men who discovered our day's "comet" is Elenin. Interesting, to say the least: LEO ELEnin.

It is very unfortunate that so many well-informed amateur astronomers and whistle blowers removed their articles after December 21st, 2012 fearing ridicule after predicting possible apocalyptic scenarios. Invaluable information on this subject has been lost, as a result. I repeat, according to Zecharia Sitchin (who based his information on ancient accounts from cultures like the Sumerians, Akkadians and Babylonians) Nibiru passed through our solar system without causing major damage multiple times. In our entire history there is only one account of major destruction, the so called biblical flood.

In closing, I want to remind you that two planetary alignments with Elenin caused two major earthquakes, including the March 8th Japan earthquake. Also, multiple airports had been closed for runway makeover due to shifts in Earth's magnetic north field, the Sun's activity intensified, as well as the intensity of the earthquake swarms. Finally, we have an extremely interesting footage of a small sun ejecting plasma, close to our own Sun.

By Alexander Light, HumansAreFree.com;

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