Multiple UFOs During LDCM Booster Separation 2013

This video is the latest jewel from NASA. During the spacecraft's separation from its booster, w...

This video is the latest jewel from NASA. During the spacecraft's separation from its booster, which took place on Monday, we can clearly see unidentified flying objects (UFOs) behind the LDCM satellite. 

One of them enters Earth's atmosphere at 0:32 (visible in the lower right corner from 0:25), while the most interesting ones appear at 0:49 (lower right corner) and -- my absolute favorite -- 0:52 straight from Earth's atmosphere into space. 

The last one is blinking while it slows down to an almost complete halt (around 0:55-0:57), after which it changes direction, pointing upwards (in relation to the camera). Please watch in HD and full screen.
The video can also be seen on NASA's official website.

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  1. Well they are mentioned in the Bible where Joshua was taken up into a Chariot of fire. Yau don't have to believe if it scares you to do so, but it won;t change the facts. VJ

  2. ^ Indeed, it's actually written all over the Quran as well.


  3. I think it's pretty clear that those are not ufos at all...

    in the video when the space craft seperates you see small reflective debris that are casued as a direct result of the seperation, they drift off and follow the detached portion.

    These debris are off the same size and movement speed of the "ufo's" add to that when the video goes to red you actualy see one of the "ufo's" cross over the body of the space craft and enter the area high lighted by the video and I'd say you have a pretty positivley ID's F.O. there, don't really see how this made headlines, there are better videos out there and trying to say these are UFOs just makes you look gulible.

    1. Are you familiar with this kind of footage from space, or this is the first one you see?

      How do you explain the flying object coming out of Earth's atmosphere blinking, stopping, changing direction, then accelerating once again? Debris CANNOT do that. Space debris have constant speed & direction, and they are not visible on camera.


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