How To Continue Receiving Facebook Updates From People You Like

Many of my Facebook friends are not receiving my updates anymore, so they've asked me what happe...

Many of my Facebook friends are not receiving my updates anymore, so they've asked me what happened. Since the last major update on Facebook, the users have to manually choose to receive updates from people and pages they enjoy. If you want to continue receiving Facebook updates from me (my Facebook page), please follow this simple tutorial:

How to receive updates from people you are not friends with, by simply subscribing to their Facebook page

1. Press the "Follow" button (as shown in the pictures). The button will now say "Following";

2. Hover your mouse cursor over the button and a drop-down menu will appear. Click on the "Get Notifications" option. You are now Subscribed and you will always receive my posts in your News Feed.

How to receive updates from people you are already friends with

1. Simply hover your mouse cursor over the "Friends" button as seen in the above picture. From the drop-down menu, click on the "Get Notifications" option. Also, be sure that the "Show in News Feed" option is also marked as checked. If not, simply click on it.

You are now Subscribed to my Facebook updates. These steps can be applied to any Facebook account. You can also Subscribe to Humans Are Free via email, by simply entering your email address bellow:

Dear Friends,
HumansAreFree is and will always be free to access and use. If you appreciate my work, please help me continue.

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