The Road to World War 3

"We are on a road that leads straight to the World War 3, but in order to see that and to fully...

"We are on a road that leads straight to the World War 3, but in order to see that and to fully understand what is at stake you have to look at the big picture and connect the dots. This video examines the history of the dollar, its relation to oil, and the real motives behind the wars of the past two decades."

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  1. You did not mention the Zionist agenda, they control every country just like they did in world war two. FDR was a zionist, Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler where Zionist as well as first cousins, Joeseph Stallin was a Zionist, the British Crown where Zionist, the Pope was a Zionist.Today Valdimir Putin is a Zioist, the leaders of China are Zionist, Barack Obama is Zionist. The leaders of every country on earth are controled by the Zionist agenda. Iran is controled by the Zionist, Saddam Hussien and Mohmar Kadafi where Zionist puppets. These zionist leaders all work together, they follow their Zionist Masters to kill the goyim, the the useless eaters,they are creating Lucifers One World Government.

  2. War costs us in money and lives of our loved ones and profits those already rich enuf to rescue the planet. War can be eliminated by refusing to go or to work for those who profit from it. THE LIFE YOU SAVE MAY BE YOUR OWN. AND CERTAINLY WILL BE YOUR OWN SOUL.


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