Is Our Universe A Computer Software?

I. Can We Handle the Truth? In 1940, Konrad Zuse , one of the first humans to ever put together a computer, had a revelation! While worki...

The Formation Of Resistance [Full Documentary]

Mark Howitt's first documentary "The Formation Of Resistance" does a very good job presenting controversial military discussio...

How to Survive the Ongoing Eugenics

Today's eugenicists are more subtle. They've learned, through experience, that openly gassing entire populations doesn't win o...

The Bomb in the Brain [Complete Documentary]

Part 1 - The True Roots of Human Violence Part 2 - The Freedomain Radio Interview with Dr Felitti

The Future of Nano-Electric Power Generation

IMPORTANT! Help us Build the First Prototype ET3 in just 10 minutes!

A couple months ago Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies or ET3.com entered the "TechBriefs Create The Future Design Contest 2012"...

What Would You Do?

There are a lot of Wonderful people out there, but they are being intentionally ignored by the main stream media.  Instead, we are being c...

The Mysterious Baltic Sea Object

On June 19th the Swedish-based diving company Ocean X Team discovered something unusual on the sonar while they were exploring the Baltic S...

How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland

Before watching the video, please read: How to Clean Up the Pineal Gland

My Perspective on God and Religion

Beloved Brothers and Sisters,  Many of you have asked me if I am a religious person and if I believe in God. I have finally decided to of...

The Latest Pictures From Curiosity Rover -- Mars is NOT Red!

NASA recently uploaded a collection of color photographs (after they have received criticism for the first black and white pictures release...

Pentagon Can't Find Records of Capturing Osama Bin Laden!

On Tuesday, the White House released provocative images that purported to show, "US President Barack Obama watching live footage of t...

Is FOX News Promoting the FF Alien Invasion?

Only two weeks into the year 2012 and FOX News, an important indoctrination tool of the elites, was already giving warnings about the high n...

Anunnaki Reptilians Blog

I have created a secondary blog, to further protect my articles regarding our true history and the Anunnaki reptilians -- just in case: ht...

“All Legal Bank Deposit Protections Are Now Officially Gone” -- What Should You Do

Several days ago, the US Banks have been warned to be prepared for a total collapse . Today, the prison planet website issued an alarming w...

US Banks Told To Prepare For Total Collapse + Iran Hit by HAARP-Caused Quake

Martial law could be prepared for a staged banking collapse in the late October. If we corraborate the possibility of a financial collapse a...

WW3 Warning: Israel to attack Iran before US election in November

If this attack takes place, it will probably mark the beginning of World War 3. Here is my message to all awakened human beings: "Do ...

DMT: The Spirit Molecule [Complete Documentary]

Chariots of the Gods -- NEW Version [Complete Documentary]

New version of Erich Von Daniken's Chariots of the Gods (The Mysteries Continue):

The 1% Elite's Control Exposed at the US Senate

Sen. Bernie Sanders exposes the 1% elite's control at the US Senate:

Special Children: Girl Creates Fire at Will and Boy Able to See in the Dark [Update]

Apparently, the X-Men movie was not so far-fetched after all. A Vietnamese girl is able to start fires with her mind, and a Chinese boy is a...

Dozens of Genetically Modified Babies Already Born - How Will They Alter Human Species?

When I first read that genetically modified humans have already been born, I could hardly believe it. However, further research into this st...

Global Awakening - the Next Stage

The Biggest Event of its Kind Ever Staged Anywhere in the World - David Icke at the Wembley Arena, London, in 2012:

Nazi UFO Conspiracy [Full Documentary]

Over the years, investigations have revealed that Nazi engineers were working on disc shaped crafts, vertical take off and advanced propulsi...

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