Sacred Geometry, DNA Changes and Molecular Atom Consciousness

Excerpts from various documentaries and lectures, explaining consciousness, frequency vibrations, DN...

Excerpts from various documentaries and lectures, explaining consciousness, frequency vibrations, DNA changes and sacred geometry. It's definitely a must see:

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  1. So when is this Ascension taking place? i thought 2012 was the beggining of a new Age of Abundance, but all i see is that everything getting dirtier and more unfair.

    1. Dear Friend,
      At this point, our species is dominated by the male energy. According to my knowledge, we are currently receiving the so called "new energy", which is in fact the purest form of (the highest vibratory frequency of the) female energy, hence balancing our bodies.

      If this is correct, then we are currently integrating this energy and it will reach the apogee in December, this year.

      With our energetic bodies balanced, we will be ready to receive a final energetic boost, which will awaken mankind to a hole new level of awareness and Love.

      We are almost there, so let us wait and see if things will change for the better from 2013.

      Blessings and Light,

    2. Thank you for this post Alexander.

      Just to add to your reply to Anon, things seem to be getting worse because they are—they in fact have to get bad before we can transition into a time of good, of things getting better. This balance or Ying Yang principle to universal expansion of consciousness is simply the way things work. We may not like them but we can understand them. This has historically been the way we've moved forward as a civilization (I use "forward" very loosely).

      However, this TIME we are all experiencing NOW is unlike any other in history because this isn't just one country or region on Earth going through troubled times, this is happening on a Global level and people all over Earth are seeing this common "evil" that has a grip on all nations.

      So if the "bad" experience is Global, so must be the flood of Goodness that is soon to follow and this is what we need to prepare for. Not to "save" ourselves from a coming cataclysm, but to empower ourselves to transition into a new world (not NWO) of peace and prosperity that many people will freak out about because it will be so different than the induced reality they have been conditioned to live. The Ascension is already in progress and the question is, where are YOU in relation to it?

      Alexander, once again I resonate with your words completely. Like iPods, we need to "sync up" with this increase in energy. Many of my friends say they have either been feeling "off" more than normal or they are experiencing "difficulties" in their personal and even professional lives. They are experiencing their own little "chaos" just as the the world is.

      For about 3 years now, I have been tending to my own vibrations/emotions and setting an example for others to see rather than trying to force something down people's throats that they are not in resonance with. And now, I find them being drawn to me for assistance or clarity on what is happening and what they can do to gain some ease.

      We are ALL the light of this world, beacons of Truth expelling the darkness from the entire world so it may never return and we as a global civilization can mature to a new, expanded consciousness of LOVE and COOPERATION for and with our fellow beings.

      I thank you Alexander for all of the work you have done over the years to create a wonderful resource of information for those awakening. We are almost there :)

      Love&Light to YOU and ALL!

    3. The world you are seeing is simply your reflection. You must change yourself as your own per programming, only then will the world around you change.


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