Nibiru: Interesting Information

Interesting information about Earth's tilt (signs of a future, non-cataclysmic in my opinion, po...

Interesting information about Earth's tilt (signs of a future, non-cataclysmic in my opinion, pole shift) in correlation to Nibiru (the brown dwarf and its elliptic orbit around our sun):

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  1. Was once freaked out about about the Nirbiru videos and did my own research. Turns out that the image of a second star is created by lens flare and will move as you orient the camera.

    1. In most pictures the "second sun" is indeed a lens flare, but there are videos showing big & bright suns that do not move when the camera is being moved. It's something interesting about these videos, even though I don't think they have anything to do with Nibiru.

      BUT, there are some very strange anomalies in space and some very interesting UFOs near the sun. This is the reason why I keep a close eye on Nibiru, UFOs and everything unexplained taking place in the Cosmos.

      Finally, this brown dwarf that we call Nibiru is fact, in my documented opinion. NASA publicly searched for it back in the 80s, there are testimonies from pro and amateur astronomers, stating that there is a brown dwarf "hiding" in our solar system (theory that explains the strange gravitational pull and mathematical gravitational anomalies taking place inside our solar system) and finally there are the accounts of our ancestors speaking of this giant planet (especially the Sumerian tablets and Sitchin's "The Lost Book of Enki").

      In conclusion, no matter what source you choose to believe, they all refer to giant member of our solar system which has an uncontested elliptic orbit around our sun. If we trust the Sumerian accounts, this orbit is equivalent to 3,600 years (or One SAR).

      For more details, scientific articles published in the 80s and recent accounts, please browse this section:



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