David Icke's Biggest Event Will Be Streamed Online

David Icke's lecture of October 27th is entitled "Remember Who You Are" and will be ho...

David Icke's lecture of October 27th is entitled "Remember Who You Are" and will be hosted on Wembley Arena in London, but also streamed online. You can book a ticket here, or watch it live on your computer, by following these instructions.

David Icke speaking about the upcoming event:

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  1. I've always been good at research, give me a computer and internet access I'll locate a piece of information nobody else could. Bless Icke hope his message does us all a load of good. :D

    Gary Jones

  2. WOW! Maybe a new Post Alexander!? Check this out! Is this the catalyst to mass arrests of the Cabal??? Sorry about the long link. I'll leave that to you to edit down if you consider posting this.



    PS - Safari on Mac doesn't allow me to post comments. Need to jump to Firefox

    1. I will have to review the article and most probably post it. From the title, it sounds promising.

      Regarding the problems you experienced on Safari, it has to do with the war between Google and Apple. These mega-companies worth hundreds of $Billions and this is their main concern. What a faulty education we have received, and how brainwashed we are!

      Love and Light,


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