Why Did NASA Bombed the Moon?

A short video about why we never returned to the moon, the possibility of ruins or even cities on E...

A short video about why we never returned to the moon, the possibility of ruins or even cities on Earth's "natural" satellite, and some of the most interesting testimonies of ex-NASA employees.

As some of you may know, back in 2009, NASA conducted a very controversial mission. In their alleged search for water on the moon, they bombed the moon with a 2-ton kinetic weapon. This short video takes the question "Why did NASA bombed the moon?" to a new level.

Not the best image or sound (not even in HD), but very captivating information. Definitely a must see!

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  1. Good video! Regardless of who testifies what, the greatest evidence in the video is the blurring out of objects. Pictures don't do that, neither does nature. The blurring is obviously intentional altering of the images because there are things there we are not allowed to see.

  2. Considering that it or they beat us to the moon with greatly sophisticated tech it doesn't seem like a very good idea to go bombing it now does it? Besides riling up whatever is/was there it's just a waste of money. When are we gonna learn to think?

  3. Insanity is the only sane response to an un insane world

  4. Invaluable work. Thanx

  5. Please watch this video and share with everyone you know. The Moon is your worst nightmare!
    This guy un photo-shops Nasa's Photoshop of the back side of the moon. There must be millions of beings living on the back side of the moon.Yes, Major cites galore. See for yourself. Awesome and creepy!

  6. i say it was a failed moon landing ans its a coiver story to save embarrassment

  7. The Americans did it?? They were looking for oil!! Lol

  8. "no worries" earthlings... :) it was not the 1st time they've done it, so we must assume it's ok...
    The 1st time we (they!) hit the moon was back in 1999 (google Lunar Prospector mission, or read the sugested pdf at pp.260)

    Try not to lol while reading this one:
    - one of the guys ("scientist") who worked on the project (2nd bombing) find it such a mundane act that he felt in need of documenting the whole mission and publish it for all eternity.
    You can download the masterpiece here: http://ntrs.nasa.gov/search.jsp?R=20130014470&qs=N%3D4294941275

    As way of justification we can read his words: "The Moon is constantly bombarded with meteorites and space debris, ..."
    But the most hilarious part of the bombarding saga are his words, right at the begining of the book: - "The LCROSS mission had a noble purpose, but with little time and money, we had to do things DIFFERENTLY."

    - peace brother earthlings.
    Hopefully any probable "ET" thirsty traveler who passes by will have better ways to check our water levels :)


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