UFOs Launching From Secret Moon Base -- Video via Telescope

The following video was recorded ( with a Canon EOS 600D video camera, via unknown telescope model...

The following video was recorded (with a Canon EOS 600D video camera, via unknown telescope model) September 15th, 2012. There are 13 bright unidentified flying orbs, apparently taking off from a secret moon base.

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  1. Thx for the vid; So what Alex Collier have said about the moon is true?

  2. i cant help but feel dooped. ya know? here's why i think this. there's been tireless effort to block nibiru from the public eye, if this video is authentic then i feel it would be blocked by a federal source. or i could just be loosing my mind altogether. i love this stuff. awaken me al. awaken me!

  3. September 15th: New Moon.
    Imposible recording...

  4. The US gov't can send exploration rovers to Mars, but not to the much closer moon to explore its surface and dark side?

  5. amazing... but how could we exactly prove that these are ufos?

    1. I am not sure we can. CGI, or Computer-generated imagery, is a very advanced technology nowadays. It is very hard to know which videos are real and which are fake.

  6. They are birds flying across the field of view of the telessope. You can see the change of direction due to wind and thermals. Also you are able to see their wings flapping. Also if they were UFO's why modify their trajectory so often ?


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