Evidence of Murder [Full Documentary]

More than eight hours of assassinations, murders, plots and cover-ups, conducted by the shadow NWO government throughout the recent history ...

More than eight hours of assassinations, murders, plots and cover-ups, conducted by the shadow NWO government throughout the recent history of the United States of America.

"Many of these cases are pieced together for you so that you will know what actually happened, rather than what the media has painted for us to believe as to what happened. We are living in a catastrophic state at this time, and if these issues are not exposed soon, our freedoms will be lost forever, and no one will be safe."

I haven't watched the entire documentary yet, but from what I've seen so far, it is well worth your while. The first chapter reviews William Cooper's case. He was a true American patriot and a great man. We mus remember his open fight to protect our freedom and to uncover the plots of the government,  leaving aside his person life

William Cooper warned the American people that the US government is making preparations for a fake terrorist attack on US soil, less than two and a half months before 9/11. He also pointed out that they will use Osama bin Laden (who was CIA asset Tim Osman) as a scapegoat for the attacks, during his 06/28/01 radio show.

Unfortunately, the documentary cannot be integrated into an website, so I will provide you the YouTube link: CLICK ME !

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