Collecting Rainwater is Now a Crime!

According to Mike Adams from the Health Ranger, "collectivism is spreading like a cancer acro...

According to Mike Adams from the Health Ranger, "collectivism is spreading like a cancer across America, where a private property owner in Oregon is now in jail for the "crime" of collecting rainwater that falls on his own property! According to the government, all property owners must obtain a PERMIT to collect their own rainwater! But the state revoked this man's permit, and then sentenced him to 30 days in jail."

This is one of the most absurd and outrageous things I have ever heard of! They simply want us to become 100% dependent on their GMO, chemically altered and fluoridated products. No more natural fruits and vegetables grown in your own garden, no more raw milk from your own farm, no more fluoride-free water from your own well, no more rain water on your own land, etc.

"America is rapidly devolving into a collectivist / socialist / communist police state, where the government controls all natural resources and private property, while individual citizens have no liberties or freedoms."

About three years ago I received the information that garlic and mint will be banned in the future as drugs, because they are very beneficial to our health. Our descendants will consider them drugs, just as many people today, consider hemp to be a drug -- even though it's probably the most human-friendly plant on earth.

Here is a 5,000 years old Buddhist health recipe with garlic. It's a great remedy for many affections!

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  1. Dear Al, That is what the fascists want you to believe, that it's a commie plot, Au contraire Corportists get along better with fascists than comunists, and that is what we shall have because it is harsher on the people and the uber riche are more afraid of the people as to having to share wealth (stolen By using money to buy power and influence Congress to change laws to favor their stealing)and especially to corrupt everything fine and decent this nation set out to be. Golden rule - 'he who has the gold rules'. Sorry but there is no bright and glorious future for humanity. From the way the environment is looking there won't be any future for any of us. No one is coming back to save us. We messed up so it's our problem.

  2. Collecting rainwater straight from heaven? Did anyone tell God it is now a crime?
    This sort of **** is why we have torrents and tornados, hurricanes and heat waves destroying our nation. God, the great spirit, is angry at the imperious impudence of those who'd rule and ruin creation so speeds it up to show us up. Why do we bow to this rediculous corporate corruption and denial of our rights by those who steal using false authority bought with their ill gotten gains. George Bush declared our Constitution nothing but a G**D*** piece of paper and under his coup it became so.
    His Nazi admiring granpa must be proud of him. Their method of blaming everyone but themselves is par for the course.

  3. I can hardly wait to die its gotten so awful.

  4. Now, Now he's just a puppet to those whom you have been warning us about, like illuminati etc. Actually this was started long before Bush sr. Clear back to Ronald Regan Who was afflicted with alzheimer's loss of mental faculties. Then that sociopath Ayn Ryand with her books like 'Atlas Shrugged" promoting selfish greed and the anti hero hero set us up for this present woe.


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