Ancient Aliens: The Sirius Mystery

A History Chanel masterpiece, the Ancient Aliens series is puzzling together our ancient history, i...

A History Chanel masterpiece, the Ancient Aliens series is puzzling together our ancient history, in relation to the possibility (a certitude for many) of extraterrestrial interaction with our ancestors.

This episode presents evidence of an interesting connection between the Dogon people of Africa and an extraterrestrial species who allegedly came to Earth from the Sirius constellation (these stars are so far away from us, that they are not even visible in the night sky). 

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  1. Native Americans of the Pacific NW culture did form such skulls by pressing a newborns head with boards and bindings thereby creating this distortion. This was 60 years ago. It was practiced by those of 'royal' lineage.I believe they were Haidas and they also to that day wash their hair with a solution of ash in water, a sort of lye that turns their hair red. They may have come from a similar people in S.A. from what I learned. This I learned from a chief of the Thinget tribe in Alaska many many years ago. Bill Holm did a photo book on art customs of NW called 'Crooked Beak of Heaven' It is photos of the NW totem art including cerimonial spoons & bowls, 'slave killer' axes as well as totem poles depicting ancestry.


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