WW3 Warning: Israel to attack Iran before US election in November

If this attack takes place, it will probably mark the beginning of World War 3. Here is my message t...

If this attack takes place, it will probably mark the beginning of World War 3. Here is my message to all awakened human beings:

"Do not take part in this war under any circumstances! Do not accept a weapon in your hands!

Nobody can order you to kill -- it's just an illusion. History repeated itself way too many times, so do NOT fall for this manipulation once again!

Enough is enough: NO MORE WARS! Please, spread the word far and wide, and let us finally Create a world of peace and prosperity."
Very Important Article: Surviving a Nuclear War!

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  1. Gaia (Earth) has requested and Source (God) has declared: No More Wars. The Galactics and Angelics have been authorized by Heaven to prevent WW3 an any attempts at major conflicts. (Minor conflicts are part of the clearing of karma/energy and do not fall part of this directive.) As per repeated messages from ArchAngel Michael; SaLuSa; Saul; Matthew and others, read more at http://www.the2012scenario.com/

    1. that is not arch angel mike being channeled. No one needs a channel to comunicate with AA Michael or any other AA. He is available for all and anyone. I have said many times channeling is bullshit and a Dracos deception. It is the same control the Catholic church has propagated for centuries: that you can only speak to God through the leaders of the church, and only the Pope can talk to God — which is why the Church of Rome labelled Protestants heretics and murdered them for claiming any person could have a personal relationship with God, and forego the church.

      The same is with channelers — people flock to and support channelers who tell them AA Michael, or the false Sananda or good guy ETs, can only be communicated thru them. Bullshit. Any one of you can ask AA Mikey for a pow-wow, for help, for hope…any one of you can make contact with Plejarans and Arcturians…yet you have given in to a program that has you believing you cannot, that you have to go to these channelers, instrumets of the dark side whether they know it or not, who babble false info that appears to be hope but is actually a trap.

  2. The vast majority of the public will buy the BULLS**T in front of them be cause they are too fu**ing stupid to see the truth.

    IRAN is the trigger to WW3, did anyone remember Iran Contra.

    The human race must WAKE UP, or we are all FU**ED

    1. All wars from Pres.T.R. Roosevelt and probably before have been false flag wars (deceiving the people with arranged 'attacks' on US citizens or property) And we fall for it every time to our detriment, doing the will of a corrupt few. 9/11 was just such a set up so that we lost many more people than the original 3000, while the mischief makers and friends got ever richer. Follow the money see it for yourself. So many educted and intelligent people have proved this, yet the news is usually glossed over or supressed. Wake up fellow human beings and stopped being used for evil purposes.

  3. Just because you don't want war doesn't mean it won't happen. I don't like war either but I'd fight for my country (Canada) and help defend Israel if I had to in WW3. Our side is not the one who is threatening, it may appear that way, but just way until Iran is powerful enough to destroy Israel. They already have a larger military but no Nuclear Warheads. When they achieve these devices, they will nuke Israel and bring upon the face of the Apocalypse.

    1. Dear Matthew,
      You must do your own research and STOP believing what the MSM is feeding you! Iran is not threat to anyone, especially to the big powers.

      Here is a map of US bases all around Iran, for a better understanding:

      It's hard for me to admit, but the US is the biggest oppressor of our time!

      Here is a list of all wars involving USA:

      The UK and Canada usually follow the US into combat, for no other reasons than to split the casualties of war between the 3, and of course to slush funds from more than on country alone.

      And of course you DO have a choice. No sane person likes war, and you have the option to say NO when it comes to killing people you don't even know. If you want to defend your country from oppressors, than defend it from those who steal your money and kill your people: the corrupted governments and super-greedy bankers!

      The rabbit hole goes very deep and I cannot wake you up with one comment -- especially if you are not ready to be awakened. But if you start doing your own research, you will start to understand that the world is nothing like you think it is.

      Peace and Wisdom!

    2. Just to reiterate what Alexander said - Iran isn't a threat to anyone. The United States is the only country that has used a nuclear weapon against human beings. The United States is also trying to "disarm" other countries with "weapons of mass destruction". Contradiction.

  4. I truely wish for my children that it was that easy

  5. I am Armenian (Orthodox Christian) and was born in Tehran. Iran has repeatedly stated that it will never attack any of its neighbors because they know it would be a suicide mission. On the other hand Iran has stated it will go to WAR if anyone attacks them first and I believe that is going to happen. The US and Israel have too much media powers and can push lies to the general public with that one tool called media. Believe me, most Americans are more worried who the Kardashians are going to sleep with rather than more important issues like the war in Syria, its very simple, not to offend the Logical thinking people but here in America, The media is the sheep herder and the people are the sheep... so if Iran farts, the media can make it seem like a nuke went off in the middle east.

    michael vartanian


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