US Banks Told To Prepare For Total Collapse + Iran Hit by HAARP-Caused Quake

Martial law could be prepared for a staged banking collapse in the late October. If we corraborate t...

Martial law could be prepared for a staged banking collapse in the late October. If we corraborate the possibility of a financial collapse and an attack on Iran (to trigger WW3), we start to see the wider picture, of a staged global disaster -- exactly what the financial elites need for starting a new financial cycle -- while bringing us one step closer to their NWO goals: one world currency, one government, one army, and a microchipped population. Iran has already been struck yesterday by two HAARP-caused earthquakes. The number of casualties is as high as 180, plus 1350 injured.
HAARP-caused Iran earthquake kills 180 and injures 1350:

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  1. Hey its all leading up to 9/30 false flag my brotha. A friend of mine had figured it out. Check out his channel and u will see what I mean. This is pretty recent so help us spread the word to the world and pass it on. Hopefully u can post some of his work on your blog. Namaste friend/friends :)

  2. banks should be prepared for collapse. don't see anything unusual just another wolfcry

    1. If the meteorologists say we should prepare for a storm, then that's exactly what we should do.

      Some would say this article spreads fear, but in my opinion, ignorance is far worse than panic!

      Those who understand how the financial system works, know it's just a matter of time until the next financial collapse, because money = debt. It's a cycle that will always end up with a financial catastrophe, and as soon as a new cycle begins, with the very first dollar created, debt is created as well.

      Read this article and I hope some of you decide follow the advice I gave you:

      You have nothing to loose if you play it safe, but on the other hand, you have everything to loose if the worst scenario unfolds and you are unprepared.


    2. ummmm...Hello well its almost July 2013 and my bank is still the same old boring place and my neighborhood? Well its still the same old boring stuff as well AS WE SAID IN THE MILITARY "BUSINESS AS USUAL" So whats your name again? LOL who are you ????????????

    3. "Your" bank will remain in the same boring place as it is today, only your money will vanish, when the time comes. It happened before in US history and it will happen again.

      Also, the recent events of Greece and Cyprus should have made you cautious and less arrogant on this subject.


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