The Formation Of Resistance [Full Documentary]

Mark Howitt's first documentary "The Formation Of Resistance" does a very good job pre...

Mark Howitt's first documentary "The Formation Of Resistance" does a very good job presenting controversial military discussion, religion, politics, and the ever looming New World Order. But I totally disagree with its main point: that we need to take violent action against our governments. In my opinion, this would be a huge mistake, because that's exactly what the secret government wants us to do. They know how to deal with violence and they have the means to easily silence an armed revolution. This would also provide an excellent excuse to crash the US Dollar and start all over again, but this time they would be one step closer to the New World Order, by introducing The North American Union and its new currency, the Amero.

In my opinion, the human species is now intelligent enough to find solutions which do not include violence or destruction. Our challenge is to find a way of liberating ourselves from the currency slavery and the yoke of the secret societies, in a peaceful and constructive manner. My message is: "freedom without violence and destruction!" And it can be achieved if we work together.

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  1. I agree Alex, violence is exactly what they want. I have been saying for some time now, there is no longer any need to rage against the machine, we need to ignore the machine and walk away from it. it no longer requires our energy or participation. much peace!

  2. Thanks for accepting feedback and putting a summary like you said you would start doing. I also disagree with violent resistance, how will we attack the true culprits(not the puppets in congress or on tv)when they will be hiding in bunkers or secret hideouts? They will absolutely slaughter us,they have chem weapons, microwave crowd control, sonic weapons,etc. that would be a horrifying experience.

    1. It's very important for everyone to understand this, because there are some influential people who manipulate the masses into taking violent actions against our governments (e.g. Alex Jones, Charlie Veitch, etc.).

      This is the biggest mistake we could make, because we cannot win against them!

      Our mission is to awaken our families, friends and everyone else around us to the corruption and enslavement taking place. When our mission will be complete, the system will collapse in a blink of an eye, because we will simply STOP supporting it -- and there will be no violence involved.

      For this to take place, most human beings must be awakened to the truth, including most soldiers and police forces (because they are the bodyguards of the elite).

      Without any "outside" help, there is simply no other way! So, please, start spreading the truth.


    2. How can you say that humans are now intelligent when the police, who's wages we pay attack us when we are on their side as well as everyone's. They are subhuman w/o selfcontrol seeking to control others to make up for their lack. When that fails they become like a crazy person doing over and over the same crap expecting different results. This is not intelligence. Psychological studies have shown how inferior they are. It would be silly if not so sad. Many supposedly inferior societies do w/o police, banishment is usual for those who lack selfcontrol. v

    3. Dear V,

      In my opinion, we are intelligent, but not intelligent enough, and more importantly we are not civilized. I don't know how many people realize, but one of the most important features we have to regain is Respect (for one another, and for the entire Creation).

      I don't see anything civilized about this so called "modern civilization". We are still relaying on our primary emotions -- the needs to: feed, drink and reproduce (sex). The only thing modern about our society, is the wider variety of products to satisfy our primary needs (more food, more drinks and more sex-related products).

      Sure, we have a mechanized and computerized society now, but instead of using the machines to set us free from slavery and hard physical labor, we became even more enslaved. And as a result, we've added one more desire to our list of primary emotions: the desire for materialistic possessions -- which makes us even more enslaved.

      We could have absolutely Everything we need and more; things that not even the richest people have access to. Instead, we work from morning to evening for almost nothing.

      Regarding the police brutality, I totally agree with you. But it's not something the average people want -- it's something the elite Need in order for them to stay in power: a police state. The average people have only been brainwashed to accept it.

      It's just like wars. The average people do not want wars, do not have anything to gain from them (and all the sufferance and shortage coming with it), and finally, they are not the ones to start them. But they are manipulated not only to accept them, but to also fight them.

      That's why we need to educate everyone we know about the Truth. Once everyone will reach that level of awareness, the empire of the elites will crumble in an instant.



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