The Bomb in the Brain [Complete Documentary]

Part 1 - The True Roots of Human Violence Part 2 - The Freedomain Radio Interview with Dr Felit...

Part 1 - The True Roots of Human Violence

Part 2 - The Freedomain Radio Interview with Dr Felitti

Part 3 - The Biology of Violence: The Effects of Child Abuse

Part 4 - The Death of Reason - The Effects of Child Abuse

Part 5 - A Postscript and Prescription

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  1. Although I greatly appreciate these videos you put up, can you please put a small summary of what they are about? When they are multiple videos or over an hr some people don't have the time to get into them, especially when we don't know exactly what they are about. A small summary will help people to get invested in the videos more. Thank you.

    1. It makes sense, so I will write a small summary from now on. Thank you!

  2. The graphs in this presentation are misleading. They have a bias in their presentation. They use 3D effects, angles and shading to make the numbers they want people to see look a bit more dramatic. The information presented in point form, also has it narrated in a way that it makes suggestions to the reason for something, without addressing other causes. One needs to be careful that they don't jeopardize their platform by adding a subtle bias. Its the very thing that is so vilified about advertisement by sites like this. It pains me that such a well put together presentation, with a good message would be ruined like this. Throws all non-checked information into question.


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