IMPORTANT! Help us Build the First Prototype ET3 in just 10 minutes!

A couple months ago Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies or ET3.com entered the "TechBriefs Cr...

A couple months ago Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies or ET3.com entered the "TechBriefs Create The Future Design Contest 2012" sponsored by NASA. 

Right now an innovative pomegranate de-seeder is in the number one position, and is beating et3 by about 200 votes (apparently there are a lot of people in India who think pomegranate de-seeders are the world's future).

You can only vote once, so only if you have not yet voted, please take the time to register (name, email etc. required to authenticate the voting and ensure that the same persons does not vote from separate IP or e-mail addresses), and vote for ET3.

Once you have registered and voted for ET3, please pass this message on to any of your friends and family members that may not have registered and voted for ET3 yet. 

We have one week to re-take the lead. The deadline in the last day of August, so please DO NOT DELAY YOUR VOTE FOR ET3!

1. Click to REGISTER;

After registering, please follow the link sent to your email, log in and...

2. Click to VOTE for ET3;

Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies (ET3) Explained:

Dear Friends,
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  1. Here you can see the scoreboard:


    Currently is a tie, and the competition is fierce. Please spread the message the best you can!


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