“All Legal Bank Deposit Protections Are Now Officially Gone” -- What Should You Do

Several days ago, the US Banks have been warned to be prepared for a total collapse . Today, the pr...

Several days ago, the US Banks have been warned to be prepared for a total collapse. Today, the prison planet website issued an alarming warning: "all legal bank deposit protections are now officially gone", and advises Americans to get all their money out from banks.

"...we have an unprecedented financial collapse in the making. If such a financial crisis comes to pass it is clear that the policies and procedures now in place will transfer the legally owned deposits and money market savings of individual Americans into the hands of the banks at which those funds are kept. Get your money out."

If you decide to follow this advice, then here is what you should and should not do with your cash money.

The worst thing you could do, is to keep them "under the mattress", with no real plan in mind. If a financial collapse will take place, then it's only a matter of time until your money will worth almost nothing.

So, here is my advice:

Before anything else, you should think of a place to stay. I suggest a small community, far away from any major city.

1. If you don't have access to a clean water source, then the first thing you should do is to buy a lot of bottled water. You can go a long time without food, but only two to three days without water.

If you have access to a clean water source, then you should know that water can be kept safe to drink for a long time, if properly stored. Have you noticed that the holy water from church can be safely drank for months? That's because the priests add fresh basil in the water recipients. I also have information from a trustworthy source, that mixing the water (after adding the fresh basil) with a silver object (e.g. spoon, rod) will prolong the water's freshness even further.

Next, you need to pour the water in tightly closed recipients, away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. A cool basement is the ideal place to store it.
- Collect the water;
- If possible, boil it and let cool down;
- Add plenty of fresh basil and mix them together with a silver object for a while;
- Store the water in tightly closed recipients, away from sunlight, in a cool environment;
- If you have the possibility, boil the water again (and allow it to cool down) before drinking it;
2. Buy as much flour as possible and learn how to bake bread at home.

3. Buy as much canned food as possible, and be sure to choose the canes with the furthest expiration date.

4. Buy sunflower and palm oil.

5. You should also consider buying: resistant boots, medication, soap, shampoo, first aid kit, simple tools, power generator and whatever else you think it's necessary to your survival.

6. Now, if you still have money left in your pockets, then you should consider investing them in physical gold coins and bullion (not certificates!). If the bank and law allows it, then consider making this transaction anonymously (during the Great Depression, the US government robbed its people from all their gold, under the harshest penalties if not willingly giving it away).

Gold is one of the safest investments you can make, but do not buy gold jewelry!

I recommend you buying 24k gold bullion from the Swiss bank "Credit Suisse" (or any other major bank), with a 999,9% purity, and/or 24k gold coins. Together with your gold, you will be handed over authenticity certificates for your purchase. The bank will also offer you the possibility to deposit your gold in their vaults -- something I do not recommend!

Now that you are informed, please gather your family, make a plan, and act mature! Even if nothing happens, the food and water can be consumed in time, while your investments are safe.

By Alexander Light, HumansAreFree.com;

Dear Friends,
HumansAreFree is and will always be free to access and use. If you appreciate my work, please help me continue.

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  1. Oh well that's me totally f***ed don't have a leg to stand on.

    Goodbye stupid, ignorant and absolutely thick as s**t people and unfortunately cruel world. I enjoyed my meaningless existence while it lasted.

    I learned a lot and seeked the truth, at least I will die with that comfort. For most people, hard times are ahead and I guarantee most people, will still be willfully ignorant and pretend its a phase that will pass.

    I truly don't want to live in a world where most people are stupid and ignorant.

    Despite the elite game being played right in front of their eyes, they will look to the voice on TV to tell them its Iran's fault or something like that. I've tried for a long time to get some people at least to acknowledge this deliberate and planned crash. But most just look at you like you have three heads and I'm full of s**t.

    Well the joke is on them soon enough unfortunately, my only hope is people have an Epiphany and realise the scam and come together in some order to deal with it.

    I'm not to hopeful that will happen but FINGERS CROSSED.

    Gary Jones

    1. I agree with you Gary. I've tried most of my life to waken people. I've been a radical feminist socialist and see it working elsewhere, but people here are too dumbed down and there is too much poisons in air, water and food. Plus the oxygen content is getting lower. I don't know why the destroyers rulers, whatever would bother to kill off 90 percent of us, it's happening as we speak. Yet the morning news paper says were not having enuf babies to sustain economy or ??. They whoever 'they' are are just as stupid as 'we' are. It'd be funny if it weren't so sad.

  2. If you read the Bible you'll know this is predicted.

  3. makes me wonder if the elite now, are the bloodline of the elite that had something to do with the writing of the bible, planned event for humanity in the making!

    1. David Icke speaks of this in many of his books. I recommend picking up and reading "Tales From the Time Loop." Very good read :)

  4. I never know if it's the gold and silver brokers who are really cashing in on these scare stories which are relentlessly pushed by PP. Whether they are or not, I hope all will be well for everyone concerned.

  5. If the meteorologists say we should prepare for a storm, then that's exactly what we should do.

    Some would say this article spreads fear, but in my opinion, ignorance is far worse than panic!

    Those who understand how the financial system works, know it's just a matter of time until the next financial collapse, because money = debt. It's a cycle that will always end up with a financial catastrophe, and as soon as a new cycle begins, with the very first dollar created, debt is created as well.

    You have nothing to loose if you play it safe, but on the other hand, you have everything to loose if the worst scenario unfolds and you are not prepared.


    1. The banking system is set up all wrong is why it keeps collapsing. Banks loan out money they don't have then use the interest collected to make new loans. Since they never had the money they 'loaned' it is doomed from the start. It's a scam. The money isn't real anyway not since congress, in 1977 I believe, declared it is no longer backed by gold or silver just as 'fiat' good only because they say so. Then the 'Federal Reserve' is not a federal agency either, just a consortium of world bankers (illuminati?) who print the money the US treasury is supposed to, and they charge us for it and decide how much or little to print so the world economy is a monopoly game played with counterfit money the fed has printed by what are really gangsters. Every President who's tried to stop it has either been assinated or seriously been attacked. Yet we keep giving the corrupt banks more of money we've earned and do not put them in prison where they belong. Obviously we've been taken over in a coup that is increasing in power every day. The reptillian mind (a portion of the lower brain) has overtaken certain portions of the brain distorting over other sections and not allowed the neo cortex to become fully developed. I do not know if they can be reprogrammed and the neo cortex then fully developed. I study and research as I can, alone and w/o funds on several related subjects and have not delved into the latest studies except briefly. Much progress in psychology and mapping of the brain has occurred. Not fast enuf for certainty but there is hope.

  6. Alex you are very wise thank you for all that you do!

  7. I really think this is truly nonsense information.
    What you need to inform people about is that they are not their bodies but immortal beings who have been duped into playing this game of win or lose, live or die.

    Yes, time to wake up and stop following thr status quo which is brainwashed into believing this is the only reality.

    Even Einstein said: "Reality is merely a illusion, albeit a very persistent one"

    Take some hints and gain spiritual knowledge.

    The entire universe is energy and consciousness is energy. The universe is divine ideation and you are a part of all this and are energy beings.


    1. I am frequently reminding my readers about their immortality as spirits, but in the meanwhile they need a place to stay, and food & water to survive.

      Unfortunately, this state of inner peace and understanding is not that easily achievable.

      ~ Peace ~

    2. @rickio

      read more than one article before you go judging alex. He is more intune with his humanity/spirituality than anyone i know, including myself. thanks, alex. it's b.c of you that i know i am not crazy or overthinking whats going on in this world. i would love to make a donation but am not fond of putting my credit card info on the net. any other way? (i.e money order, etc...)

    3. I'm sensitive with my personal details as well, and this is the reason I chose PayPal in the first place. PayPal is probably the most secure transfer method at the moment, and this account can be used for online payments without having to enter personal data on other websites ever again. You simply choose PayPal as the payment method and you are not required to fill out your personal information anymore (each transaction is confirmed with your password).

      Regarding donations, please do so ONLY if you can afford them with ease. I'm not doing it for the money, so donations are welcomed only from those who are in a good financial position. Life's already challenging as it is, so there's no need for one more challenge.

      Thank you for considering!

  8. I totally agree with rickio , are thoughts are energy and our thoughts mould our reality , they are doing this to put fear in to you and as we know a negative engery or thought will create a negative future , what will be will be , buy a book on natural plants , you have a book of food and medicine , buy a tent a few big knives a few pots for collecting rain water some waterproofs and there's your survival kits ;) find some big hippy or mother earth groups and go and join them , our ansistors lived without all this stupid technology all the food in the super Markets are full of poison And all the medicines made today give you more illness so there is nothing they can give us that we need or that is good for us anyways love you all

  9. the key was the silver spoon =it is antibacterial and antimicrobel ?
    the muslim messiah -will create gold from lead =he is super natural =
    like the brittish pound in ww2 it will be faked = but siler cannot =
    becouse of this property = the silver eagle 1oz coin says 1 dallor
    means 100 $$$$ the us gov't is prepairing this coin for when the currency crumbles gov't officals are stocking up on silver coins -so should u =
    buy as cheap as 4-100 now after total colapse they will be worth 200
    4x200 800 for 100 investment when no one else has any currency --
    do not tell anyone friends family any one or your house will be the first '
    place they come to rob in disaster = (google 1453 islamobod) malachi


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