Wonderful Lecture: Expected Cosmic Events in 2012

Please have patience and watch Pane Andov's lecture until the end. He presents some trully amazi...

Please have patience and watch Pane Andov's lecture until the end. He presents some trully amazing stuff:

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  1. Hello Alex,

    I have been researching these truths as well for a few years and I'd like to take a moment and thank you and whoever is helping you ( and all of us ). It is a sincere relief to peice together everything worthy I have believed/read over the years in one un-biased information hub.

    I've often heard that the truth will set you free, after viewing this video I finally understand that phrase, and have found much peace. I'd like to note that I believe the term "flower power" makes sense as well.

    I look forward to connecting with you Alex and I wish that everyone spreads this video to every awakened soul on this planet.

    Blessings of Bliss,

    Loverboy G

  2. There are some interesting connections that Pane makes here, which everyone vaguely half awake is making these days in their own way - i.e. en-lighten yourself, up your frequency and that of the planet, live from the heart...But as always, he connects 1 + 1 and makes 3, in my view.
    He's entitled to his interpretation, but I sincerely believe that none of us have to do his Merkhaba or elaborate flower meditations or else the world is doomed.

    What if the flower relates to the opening of the pineal gland, the cone depicted in statues and art works throught the ages, which opens into the thousand petalled lotus, instead? Perhaps that is all it means? So relax, if you can't get this meditation right, if you don't subscribe to his interpretation and his programme, you may still be 'saved'..
    Correspondingly, the successive increase of the petals in the crop circles for example, may refer to the activation or enlightenment of others who join to combine the energies and raise the collective consciousness of the planet, all stemming from the initial activation - hundreth monkey effect. The message here being that each one of us that fully awakens has a powerful effect on the whole.

    But the earth changing into a star? Well, we'll just have to see won't we? My higher self says not, but that's my message to myself, and I can say that with some authority. It isn't corroborated by anything else externally like "E.T.s told me, so it must be true", because essentially, I am that E.T., the same as you. Namaste.


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