Why is UK Preparing for War, Instead of the Olympics?

Instead of making preparations for the 2012 London Olympics, the United Kingdom seems to be preparin...

Instead of making preparations for the 2012 London Olympics, the United Kingdom seems to be preparing for war -- fueling even more the speculations of a false flag terrorist attack.

The UK's military is currently deploying some of the most effective surface-to-air missiles in the world, the Rapier missile systems, at a number of sites across the capital. This makes me wonder: what kind of "terrorists" are they really expecting, and why is the press allowed to disclose the location of the AA installations?

"The Iranian network Press TV published an interview on its website, with the US Military analyst Gordon Duff, who says he has highly credible information that Israel might pull out a false flag attack during the London Olympics and blame it on Iran, to push the US into war with the Persian country.

In the same day that Press TV published it, Sky News released a video interviewing an insider at G4S firm, who says the private security of the London Olympics is a joke and there's a 50% chance of deadly weapons get snuck into the Olympic village."

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  1. Yer right Press Tv. The mouth piece if Iran, who blame israel for every wrong in the world, and you call them credible.

    Have you ever been to Britian by the way? London? it would be very hard to hide a missile system so its hardly surprising that the locations have been made public. And yes they are advanced wepeons. But thats what we have, and thats what it would take it an attack were to take place.
    The only thing we should concentrate on is weather all this is needed, has the security services got credible evidence that a viable attact may take place. Who knows, better safe than sorry.
    It shows how serious the british govenment believes the threat from islam is. And yet the people of Britian are not allowed to say islam is a threat for fear of being called a racist.
    I would say its time to stop all these huge muliti-national events untill they can be made safe without having to spend 7 billion £, and having to mobilise an army. Its just not worth it.

    1. Israelie Let's break that down Israel-lie and heavy on the lie. They are fakes, imposters, liars, cheaters and murders.

    2. You are clearly an ignorant sheep, keep watching football and swilling beer at your local BNP pub instead of poluting the internet with your ignorance. Islam a threat....mwaaaahhhh mwaaaahhh haha!!

    3. Are you having a laugh? The taxpayer (you and me) are paying for these black budget programs, not Iran. Iran is the patsy, make no mistake, as is Islam, for all its many faults as a culture. Any scenario is likely here except an actual or real 'terrorist' attack, based on the paranoia propaganda of the horrendous 7/7 false flag event. But even more than that, even if nothing were planned, the very fact that the military was brought in means they want to get us used to a military presence on the streets - all ripe for marshall law and the next stages of the installation of the New World Order.

    4. For heaven's sake its MARTIAL law not Marshall law. Marshall won't be there.

    5. It would be easy to hide ANYTHING in London. Trust me. I live there.

  2. G4S-----UKs answer to TSA?

  3. The false flag isn't coming from Israel, it's coming from the Globalists, i.e. Obama regime and its counterparts across Europe. Over here, in the U.S., we are seeing new Executive Orders every week, for the purposes of seizing control of all resources, all telecommunications, etc. The mainstream media in the U.S. has become, shockingly, nearly 100% complicit with the objectives of the Obama administration. Perhaps more shocking is the general lack of awareness shared among many in America.

    The fact is, all the signs are present, at least in the U.S., suggesting military actions / martial law against the American people themselves. This month, the administration has been working with the U.N. in New York, feverishly working to complete the final draft for the U.N. weapons ban by the 27th. This is the final curtain on U.S. freedoms, since our second amendment expressly forbids the disarmament of U.S. citizens.

    We all have reason to worry. When the U.S. falls, so too will the rest of the free world.

    Make no mistake, the collusion goes much deeper.

    The primary goal of the Obama administration, and their globalist cronies, is the destruction of the global economy, via overloading the system. Google 'Cloward-Piven' strategy and you'll understand this better.

    Finally, the Obama administration, with the help of Obama's IMF appointee, Christine Lagarde is pushing for changing the central currency from the dollar to the yuan. She's systematically pushing EU members over the fiscal cliff, while working with Ben Bernanke to dump billions of U.S. dollars into a sinking ship. Why destroy one economy when you can destroy them all? In fact, just last week, it was discovered that the Federal Reserve promised $98 billion in loan guarantees to Europe's central banks, despite strict "No's" from Congress in December.

    1. It may not come from Israel, but it'll have Chosen fingerprints all over it.

  4. "G4S-----UKs answer to TSA?"

    No. The people employed by G4S aren't little power hungry wanna be cops. They dont even come to work.


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