Olympics Whistleblower Reveals Identity For Safety Concerns

“I’m now afraid that I might be in physical danger” "The undercover journalist who blew the w...

“I’m now afraid that I might be in physical danger”

"The undercover journalist who blew the whistle on G4S, the security company responsible for the 2012 Olympics, along with shocking plans for an evacuation of London, has revealed his identity following fears for his safety.

‘Lee Hazledean’ – the whistleblower who exposed how he had infiltrated G4S as an employee and uncovered how security preparations for the Olympics were so poor that they were inviting a terrorist attack, has revealed himself to be Ben Fellows, an acclaimed director who has worked with Stanley Kubrick. Fellows has also appeared in numerous popular television and theatre shows.

Fellows made the decision to reveal his identity, after having gone under a pseudonym for the purposes of radio interviews conducted over the last week, because of fears over his safety.

“With all sincerity I’m now afraid that I might be in physical danger from G4S,” Fellows told Infowars, adding that he feared the mainstream media was about to launch a character assassination campaign. “My only protection is to go public…. I have done nothing wrong and I stand by everything that I have said,” added Fellows.

Fellows also revealed that Andy Davies, Channel 4 News Home Affairs Correspondent, demanded that he retract statements made during a radio interview with BCFM’s Friday Drivetime in which Fellows said of Davies, “I sent him an email, I called, he wasn’t interested and he said there’s a media blackout on this kind of story, that nobody would be interested in running it.”

In a telephone conversation provided to Infowars, Davies claims that he never read Fellows’ original email and that the two never had a conversation about the issue.

“I emailed Andy Davies on the 13th of June and pitched the story to him, he then called me back and we talked,” claims Fellows, who is now going public to offset his concern that his name may have been privately passed to G4S.

Fellows’ revelations about how he infiltrated G4S and what he discovered were nothing less than astounding. However, the mainstream media chose to run a whitewash, focusing instead on relatively tame security lapses and ignoring Fellows’ story altogether, despite the fact that it had already gone viral in the alternative media.

During his time working for G4S over the past several months, Fellows learned of numerous disturbing developments.

- Fellows was able to get the job of a security officer via a simple application process. No background checks were carried out and his personal references were not checked.

- Fellows was successful in taking guns, knives and explosives through both metal detectors and body scanners on numerous occasions during dummy runs.

- Fellows was told that metal detectors and body scanners would be deactivated at peak times in order to get crowds into the Olympic venue quicker.

- Fellows was also informed that 200,000 casket linings that can hold four dead bodies each have been shipped into London in preparation for the Games.

- Thousands of foreign troops under the auspices of the United Nations have also been brought into London.

- Plans for an evacuation of London in the aftermath of a deadly terrorist attack have been discussed at great length. G4S employees were briefed on the evacuation plan to a greater extent than the time spent on training them to conduct security screening.

- G4S security staff have been caught doing drug deals while in training with no retribution. Uniforms have also been handed out to unauthorized personnel as well as uniforms being stolen. G4S staff have also been caught taking photographs on their cellphones of secure locations.

- Fellows was told that Predator drones of the type used in Afghanistan and Yemen would be circling London during the Olympics.

- Fellows believes G4S security staff are so poorly trained and the security operation as a whole is so lax that terrorists could quite easily stage a “massacre” during the Games." 

By Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com

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  1. Let's hope that Lee will not be victimised for speaking out.

  2. LOL, terrorists....Queens finest will be terrorizing if anything.

  3. Stay Safe Lee Hazledean.

  4. where is the world heading towards to?

  5. home.. asare.. home. the game has to be played and your part as being you is beautiful. you are aware and awake that you are good and that is all that is great. love to all of you

  6. The main concern is for the safety of the people. Many nillions of people will be in London. Let's hope for the best, if we expect an attack, that sums up the mindset of the people nowadays. We expect the owrse and never the right thing to be done. When will we change, when will the world stop this madness?

  7. Ben Fellows – although he has been diagnosed with pericarditis (a serious heart condition) and fibromyalgia (a serious pain condition for which he takes pharmaceutical heroin) is going to fly a powered paraglider or paramotor across Russia, into Siberia and to the Bering Straits, then across the Bering Sea to Alaska.
    Unfortunately he claims he is going to raise money for Leonard Cheshire Disability, one of the Work Programme subcontractors, chairman banker Ilyas Khan.
    For the Ben Fellows story:
    The London 2012 olympics:
    For the Work Programme story:


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