NWO Agent, Michio Kaku: "Alien Invasion Possible!"

Michio Kaku is getting more and more on my nerves! Now he is promoting the alien invasion false flag: Other alien invasion false flags of ...

Michio Kaku is getting more and more on my nerves! Now he is promoting the alien invasion false flag:
Other alien invasion false flags of 2012:

1. National Geographic Promotes the Alien Invasion False Flag;
2. Nobel Winner Warns That the US Government Could Fake an Alien Invasion;

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  1. Alexandre, good morning!
    I wanted to ask you one thing:
    Comment on the videos, would be much easier for people who do not master English.
    And not all the videos give to translate.
    Thank you
    Rita Z

  2. Good morning to you too,
    Unfortunately, I do not understand the question, Rita. Can you, please, rephrase?

    Thank you!

    1. Maybe language options for comments?

      Great video Alexander. I'm not a real fan of this guy but his comments did seem more positive than not. I also believe that ETs would be peaceful as they'd have centuries of more advancement not just technologically but socially as well. If Love abounds the Universe and it also "powers" the universe (Free Energy) then I think those Universal Laws would be the one's that ETs would follow.

      What I basically got from this interview is that if the ETs are hostile—it's probably our governments, not real ETs.

  3. Alex, I believe she means it would be easier to comment for people if the videos were translated in other languages or had subtitles because English is not her language it is also harder for her to comment if she can't understand the video. Not much you can do about it though.

  4. I guess his/her "Ask" means "tell"

  5. He talks about them more than likely being peaceful. I find this interview to be pretty benign, except for one illustration I didn't quite understand. The computer generated imagery in the background. It starts at 0:34. It looks like our solar system is moving into some sort of energy. Like in Pane Andov's lecture...

  6. Alexander, I think Rita was saying she would like you to explain the video in simple language.

  7. He is being a bit tricky - he says, correctly, that we would have No Chance of fighting aliens if they chose to be hostile but then says that we would all gang together to do what?
    I see this as just part of the slow disclosure strategy - they have to get people used to thinking of Aliens as real.

  8. He is rather telling his own opinion than convincing about something. In fact, i found this interview non sense and funny in same time. However, it's too scientific, we should first think about our own ascension not that someone could possibly invade us. By the way, am i the only one that noticed he was trying to hide a smile?

  9. Hiding a smile? Practically laughing! ;) The aliens seem to be among us already. All kinds of them.

  10. Kaku is just being Kaku. He's just doing what he does as a scientist. My feeling is that there is no agenda there except on what we project on to him, but I take the point that the media could be using him to promote the idea of a crisis being a good thing as it will unite the world, perhaps as it's half expecting it or wanting us to believe that 'everything will be okay' if the 'worst' whatever that is, will happen. This could go either way - grass roots solidarity or sheep-like obedience to a marshall law situation where people follow the friendly militia into the temporary FEMA 'shelters'. Or it could be part of the ongoing disclosure agenda, as the governments of the world will never announce it in any official capacity.

  11. project blue beam anyone?? they are just getting everyone prepared. He also said that no one has to worry about fukushima radiation, and then he changed his mind.

  12. OK! Listen to reason. They've been around for thousands of years mentioned in the Bible when Elija or was it Elisha was taken up in a chariot of fire. If they havn't invaded before now they probably won't. Depictions of them on cave walls,etc and in the background of the Mona Lisa is a spaceship. They have probably evolved to use their intellect more seriously than we do. Ours is still in the primative fight or flight mode. Easily manipulated by gvts which are manipulated by persons who are NOT as developed as the rest of us and have done evil to gain control and the more evil they do the more they fear retribution, which is what they do when they feel wronged or threatened and gained much mostly ill-gained wealth, which can purchase temporarly fixes usually thru corrupting gvts. Same story down thru the ages. Same outcomes as Sumerian, Babylonion, etc civilizations. 'till we get it that it's going to continue untill we 'do' something about it. So many civilizations destroyed, then rebuilt. We are the phoenix that arises from it's own ashes. Only this time maybe it's not possible as too many poisons and nuclear debris. If the beings from outer space want to visit we should welcome them as we are not able to overcome the obsticles we ourselves have created. Perhaps they would help if only we'd be nice to them instead of stirring up trouble as is usual for our kind. We may have been created as a slave race, in which case 'they' would be interested in our well being, just as we'd be in similar circumstances. So we'd be better off if we cooperated and accept their help even if we'd owe them and have to dig up some gold for them. Maybe it'd be used to clean up OUR messes we created. We have everything to gain if we'd be as decent as possible in this situation. Everything to lose if not. Oh I know ther'd be those who will try to subvert peace not having full under standing or full use of their faculties either. Preparing ourselves for these eventualties is the intelligent thing to do. Then having done that get busy and try to undo the damage we've done to our planet and its citizens to show that we are indeed worthy of help. And a force to be reckoned with if the help is not that what we wanted. Of course we have to accept ourselves as we are, fallible beings prone to error. That's life. Everything is recycled, even our souls, just as the rose bush takes the petals of last years flowers and draws the nutrients up into the bush to bloom again.


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