The Best Lecture of Jacque Fresco

This may be the best lecture of Jacque Fresco ( Stockholm, 2010):

This may be the best lecture of Jacque Fresco (Stockholm, 2010):

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  1. Did anybody else see the ghost in the back round walking in the beginning of the video

  2. Sorry my english, live in Brazil.. I don't understand why you post this video here..this man is one of most eugenistic person in the world..!!! You must get more info about him...he hates the family, he hates the children, he don't believe in love... this is not my words, I heard all of this in the Fresco words... is a technocratic, eugenistic disgusting man...Fresco and the most orchestrated propaganda Iluminatti: "Zeitgeist..."

    1. Dear Friend,

      Personally, I think he is none of what you are saying. He does not promote the eugenics agenda, he cherishes the family values and promotes a correct education to our children (as they are our future).

      I don't think he's a technocrat either, as he does not want the specialists to actually rule the world. Instead, he promotes an idea where specialists of different fields, work together with the best IT for liberating the human race from slavery.

      So, he promotes a world without wars, where humans do not work for a living but have access to everything for free (including education, healthcare, food, etc.), all while receiving a correct education. This will lead us to a world where police and army are not needed anymore.

      Please, tell me where do you see anything wrong. Maybe I am missing something.


  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4F90DeJJpA
    what this means..? thank you for your reply, your blog is great, but open your eyes to the for the speech of the new age ... this is a man who wants to mechanize everything including the human body, and is not a technocratic?, yes, I agree, no wars, no police, religions, no money ... but for know the truth follow the maxim that never fails, who is behind these mens ..? FOLLOW THE MONEY ...
    Anyway I continue visiting your blog, very updated and good ...

    1. Please, tell me what was wrong in the first video, according to you, because it made total sense to me. There are people who strongly disagree Jacque Fresco and TVP idea, and I am not able to relate to their worries. So, please, enlighten me. I truly want to understand your viewpoint, so I am looking forward to your reply.

      Indeed, the secret is to always follow the money. They will never fail leading you to the source of a problem. But TVP promotes a world without money, so there are no money to be followed. If you mean Fresco's personal bank account, please read his resume:

      He's got quite a career and there are good money to be made in architecture -- especially because Fresco is a professional, futurist and inventor. I don't think anyone could disagree on this one.

      I am truly looking forward to your answer. I want to know what some people see, that I am not able to. I may be blinded by my high hopes.


  4. I admire Jacque Fresco very much. He is a genius man (though he wouldn't like to be called that :)) His thinking is too far ahead of the majority of the population. I wonder how much time and struggle the humanity will need to learn, to evolve and follow his ideas?


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