UFO Models Based On Actual Sightings

80 UFO models based on actual sightings. Which one is yours, guys?

80 UFO models based on actual sightings. Which one is yours, guys?

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  1. I bet most of them are goverment made.

    1. Some of them are definitely gov-made, but I wouldn't say most. Though, it's hard to know for sure.

  2. I have seen a j2 out in the middle of nowhere with fields surrounding me. It was maybe 250 yards hovering above me. It could pivot and turn on a dime. It had 3 bright red lights in each corner of the triangle and a green flame shooting out the back of it. And not to mention it made absolutely no sound or noise whatsoever. It started out like a speck of light in the dark nights sky, a little bit bigger than a star, but with a lot more light, then in an instant it burned into the atmosphere in literally 30 seconds and was over top of my friends vehicle. It was something that words can't explain. But it was definitely very real.

  3. J2. I stepped out of my apartment with a couple of friends one night to smoke a cigarette and saw a traingular shaped craft, one red light at each corner underneath. On the back (or what we all perceived to be the back) of the craft were 2 amber colored lights - I compare these to the afterburners on a fighter jet (F-16, F-15, F/A-18, etc) only they were set farther apart and close to the corners, almost at the same distance apart as the lights on the bottom. As it "flew" I heard a sound - in holy books you can read a reference to the sound of rushing water when speaking of such occurances. This is a very accurate depiction of the sound I heard, like the sound a wave makes when crashing on the shore, only it was constant rather than rythmic like that of actual waves, with no beginning or end, until it faded away as the craft turned at the treeline and disappeard behind the trees. We never did see it again. Not even 5 minutes later a helicopter, Blackhawk judging by the sound of it (too dark to make out a definate outline), flew in from the east and circled the field by the apartment I was living at. After circling the area twice the helo flew off to the west, turning south as it got to the treeline, in the direction of the craft. My friends and I stood there in awe at what we'd just seen. This is something I haven't shared with many people, yet I feel compelled to share with this community. I grew up around the military (father was career U.S. Air Force), and as such I have always had a huge interest in military vehicles and operations. I have seen many aircraft, government and civilian, but I have never seen anything like that. I'm pretty sure it was a government craft, especially considering its appearance was promptly followed by a Blackhawk helicopter. Regardless, it was truly an amazing scene.

  4. P1, the Pleiadian “sports model” beamship. Saw it age 11, rural Ontario, in 1975, with the best corroborative witnesses I could hope for, my parents. Clear, sunny day, 50 (?) yards away, lasted about 5 min, then it disappeared. Yup, they’re real.

  5. Could it be possible that the triangle like aircrafts are stealth bombers of stealth fighters?

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