Earthquakes Worldwide - Japan Highlighted

March 3, 2001 at minute 1:49 - study the chart from that day until present. Is there anything fishy?...

March 3, 2001 at minute 1:49 - study the chart from that day until present. Is there anything fishy?

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  1. its the u.s government they have made earthquakes before for there own selfish benefits

  2. Well at 1:49 I noticed it went nuts for a little bit. At 1:41 I didn't really see much out of the ordinary from what I was seeing other than the earthquake we had here in Arkansas. Would you share what it is you noticed please? I'm intrigued. Thank you.

    1. The focus point is from 1:49 onward, in Japan's area. I have corrected the time. Thanks for pointing this out!

    2. It looks to me the sun, Jupiter, and "Nibiru" were in alignment to create a massive gravitational pull on the earth. Hence, the crust breaths and we get massive earthquakes. The duration of the continual earthquakes in Japan after march 3 is a little unusual but the settling of techtonic plates could be at fault. If Nibiru is as large as reported (4-5X Jupiter) and it's contents are mostly iron oxide Nibiru's gravitational pull would be much more immense than Jupiter.


      Correlate the times large earthquakes arrive with planet alignments with this youtube video.
      (I'm looking for large earthquakes correlated with large gravitational forces combined or drastic gravitational force changes in relatively small time periods.

      March 3rd - The Sun, Nibiru, and Jupiter are semi-aligned. Meanwhile, Mars and Mercury are closing into alignment. All planet are on the opposite side of the sun that earth is. (just because they are not perfectly aligned does not mean they do not have a similar effect). In my mind, this would explain the correlation.

      July 7th - Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun are in an elliptical alignment. At this time they are all pulling on earth which is not part of the alignment but is by itself. Nibiru's gravitational pull on Earth is in line with Jupiter's. The 4 planets are all moving away from the earth which I believe should cause a larger gravitational effect I call "celestial body drag".


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