Free Energy is Here Now - A Project Nsearch Story

Dear Friends, I have received the following e-mail from Project.Nsearch creator, Glenn Canady: &...

Dear Friends, I have received the following e-mail from Project.Nsearch creator, Glenn Canady:

"I need your help. Make sure that you go to this page that contains the interview we did about the free energy device from South Africa that can power your home and share it to your facebook and every where else you can think of I'm being censored and really need your help telling everybody you know so they can't stop the word from getting out! (...) Thanks for your support!"

"Free Energy is here NOW and nobody is going to stop it this time!"

(Project Nsearch) - "On February 22nd, Radio Nsearch fulfilled a promise we made to our listeners since the very beginning - to bring out the details of the first working free energy device that the average user can afford. I'm very happy to say, "WE DID IT BABY!" 

Free Energy is here NOW and nobody is going to stop it this time!  Radio Nsearch has done what the US Department of Energy couldn't do with a $24 billion a year budget and over 250,000 employees!  We've located a free energy device in production now that can power your home for free!  

Here's the show we did with Sterling Allan on this INCREDIBLE free energy device being produced now in South Africa!"

Watch from 13:08 onward, to get straight into the interview:

I'm sorry if I'm a little excited here, but I've studied various free energy systems since I was a young man. I knew from my research that there were unexplained phenomenon that various engineers and inventors had tapped into to create free energy devices in the past. I've seen how these inventors have been threatened or even killed to shut down their research so that greedy men could continue to control the population with energy.

It's been a really messed up world we have been living in for the last 100 years but the power to change this is now in each of your hands. If you all spread the word to everybody you know right NOW then no amount of censorship or evil will prevail! Free Energy belongs to the people and the people WILL HAVE IT!  

By the way if anybody tells you that there is no such thing as a "free energy" device just tell them that wind and solar power are examples of free energy because once you create the solar cell or wind generator, the power is free!  But we aren't talking about wind or solar technology here.

We're talking about a device that taps into a type of energy that allows it to use one bank of batteries to power your home while it charges the other one.  The way the device is designed, the batteries never drain!  

The device could be used to power an electric car that could drive forever without plugging in! Nikola Tesla had just such a car back in his day when he converted a Pierce Arrow into an electric car that he drove up and down the East coast in the 30's without ever recharging it! Many people saw Telsa's electric car and even rode in it! Tesla had a type of free energy device built into this car so that he could tune into the energy field that is all around us to recharge the batteries constantly. So free energy is not new at all but what is new is that for the first time ever a company has risen above the threats and corruption to produce a device to benefit all humanity!  

The device discussed by Sterling in our radio show makes wind and solar power look like stone age technology by comparison because this free energy device makes power 24 hours a day! You can use this device to charge a bank of batteries that will be able to power the average home! Sterling will be taking delivery of one of the devices in the next month so I'm looking forward to being able to see this device in action powering a home soon! For one of the first tests, the inventor disconnected from the grid and ran his home on the unit for 3 weeks straight with no problems at all!

On our show, Sterling Allen went over how the device works and how he tested it for himself to make sure that it wasn't just an elaborate scam.   

The company will be doing a big press announcement in the months to follow and we'll have to see if the Fake News finally jumps on the story but until then I urge everybody out there that supports free energy to make this story and interview go viral around the world.  Put it all over Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social networking websites. 

I'll be going to see the Alex Jones presentation in Orlando over the weekend so I hope to meet some of you down there and I really hope to shake Alex's hand as I really admire all the great work he's done waking up humanity.  We need everybody's help in getting the truth out about this device because it's the KNOCK OUT punch to the new world order plans of a one world global government where all your energy is strictly controlled!  We must destroy all the lies of the new world order that energy is scarce and that we must pay money to Al Gore so he can fix it!   

Energy is all around us and is free for the taking! Free Energy will let us freely travel! Free Energy will let us feed the hungry by greening the deserts! Free Energy will stop these Fake Wars over oil! Free Energy will stop the new world order from controlling us! Spread this article all around the world! Pop the Champagne! The day we have waited for is finally here! A real free energy device is being produced right now and you will soon be able to buy one!

Here's the original article by Sterling about the device also."

Dear Friends,
HumansAreFree.com is and will always be free to access and use. If you appreciate my work, please help me continue.

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  1. The word is getting out, and it's the Will of the People that People Will have free energy that is ours, not some "authority" that tells us it's not safe for us.

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