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  1. We need to stand up for what is right. If we stand united we will have more power to fight this unspeakable evil!! The goals and motives are clear to me, the powers that be want full control over everything. That means eliminating 90 plus percent of us and having control over what few assets we have left. Those of us that are alive will really be slaves. Right now, we are only debt slaves. It will get worse. Agenda 21 leaves little room for doubt as to what is happening now and will occur in the near future. I am preparing myself and those that I care about. At least think about what is going on. Question if it is right. Decide for yourself.

    1. Marilyn, sadly I have to agree. We are faced with a very inconvenient truth. Very few people have held an illusionary power over US FREE PEOPLE for too long. But just long enough for it to NOW be absolutely obvious! So let's be thankful that we have this opportunity to see beyond the veil of secrecy.

      The biggest secret that the people in the highest ranks hold, such as the Masons and the illuminati (whatever it's called these days) is that we are all eternal vibrational energetic beings in there "physical" bodies. WE are free when we are in tune/resonance with the energy body. How do you lower the vibrational frequency of our being??? FEAR and HATE. They have worked very hard to create instruments of division such as racism, sexism, social class, money, WAR, terrorism, etc, etc,.

      Clearly their method of success is to DIVIDE AND CONQUER. So we must ALL UNITE TO PROSPER!!

      In no other time in recorded history has the human race had a tool like the internet to connect to our fellow human being in almost any place on the Earth instantly. We are learning that it is NOT the desire of the PEOPLE to kill each other in greed-driven wars. We want peace. Our governments don't because then WE all see that the ELITES are just a bunch of old, psychopathic, un-empathetic, un-human, beings of hate and destruction. Do they represent you and I? No they do not.

      The best way you can prepare yourself and your family for the coming changes is to learn of the Truth they've TRIED to keep us from REMEMBERING! We are ALL ONE. ALREADY UNITED by the unseen Quantum Field/Source/Soul/Energy/GOD.

      Let's let that really sink in here...

      WE ARE GOD

      This is the truth they are so desperate to keep out of our sights. This is why even Religion Divides Us. We have these middle men called priests who try to convince people that the church is the way to God. Actually, if you want to meet God face-to-face, go look in the mirror and ask yourself, "WHAT AM I?" You are a Divine Spark focused into a human body which is comprised of organs which are comprised of cells which are comprised of molecules which are comprised of Atoms (THIS IS WHERE OUR EDUCATION ENDS THE STORY) but these atoms are comprised of ENERGY!!

      I was never a religious or even a spiritual person. But I got to a point in my life where I was very disturbed by the concept of DEATH. I think we all have those moments. "Oddly" when I finally said to myself, "Who cares, think about it when you get old. So what if there's nothing out there? Oh well." Shortly after that, the "coincidences" (synchronicities) began happening slowly leading me to the TRUTH. I let go of the Fear that there could be no such thing as god and in doing so I found that I am, as WE ALL ARE, a part of this Universal Intelligent Consciousness that we have named God.



    2. I couldn't have said it better.

  2. We are the Devine that's is God.


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