Jacque Fresco - Probing the Future [Amazing 1995 Interview]

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  1. Hi A. Light. Sry want you to ask something which doesnt concern this post. What do you think about ACTA, SOPA and all the rest? As it seems something that governments are signing and keeping silent about them. Nothing on tv new or newspaper.

  2. Anonymous Jan 28, 2012 12:58 PM,
    Short answer: part of the NWO scheme, steps towards total control = mankind's enslavement.

  3. Also @ Anonymous Jan 28, 2012 12:58 PM and Alexander:

    The Internet is what, for the first time in modern history, has united most of the world's citizens together. We are able to freely share information on what is now known to be a corrupt world interlinked government. The internet is Global Free Speech. Obviously the Powers that WERE see it as the catalyst of their empire's fall. They think that passing some BS laws will help them control the flow of FREE information. But wait, isn't ACTA, SOPA, PIPA about protecting the music and film industry? Yeah, that's what they want you to think. Why not invest in better anti-copyright technology to make piracy more difficult? BECAUSE THAT'S NOT THEIR GOAL. Their Goal is to convince governments that there are only stupid people in these industries and the only way to stop copyright violations is to control the the internet and not the things they claim are in danger.

    These bills will do little or NOTHING to stop piracy, which they claim is their purpose. If a website is blocked, just type in its IP address instead. Done. It's that easy to go around these "NECESSARY" provisions. We figured out how to go around them before they're even in place. So if it's that easy, what's the point?? The point is to try and control the flow of REAL information.

    Governments, Financial Institutions, Pharmaceutical Companies and Greedy Corporations are CORRUPT all over the world. WE SEE THAT NOW as a collective global awareness. This isn't an American fight. This isn't a European fight. This is no longer a fight of nations divided by invisible lines on a map. This is about the Human Race and its home Planet being set free from a VERY SMALL group of crazy psychopaths who believe in demons and devils (hahaha silly little children!) because their daddy and his daddy and his daddy and his daddy beat the shit out of them for being disobedient thus perpetuating a bloodline of FEAR and HATE.

    These bloodlines are filled with a bunch of cowards who would never go to war themselves or send their own children into wars. They're all a bunch of pussies AFRAID of the FREEDOM that is about to FLOOD the unified CONSCIOUSNESS of all HUMANITY. They have no idea what else to do but pass these bullshit laws and regulations that are DEAD ON ARRIVAL. They genuinely fear freedom because that means that their Industries of Enslavement WILL CRUMBLE. FREE ENERGY will set us free from the Energy Grid and OIL. REAL research into natural medicines such as Cannabis, Mushrooms and Ayahuasca, will not only set us free from LEGAL DRUGS but will AID in the expansion of our consciousness. A Resource-based economy will set us FREE from a corrupted monetary system.

    This free world already exists. We just have to get rid of those who still believe in a FAIRY TAIL of Global Domination.

    Love&Light to ALL.


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