Full Moon & UFO Activity [01.08.2012]

UFO activity on the dark side of the Moon:

UFO activity on the dark side of the Moon:

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  1. I hope it's true. We need some help down here it seems. However, as open minded as I am I have to admit that these can be satellites that float by in front of the moon as the moon moves along in the sky and their reflective light is momentarily magnified by the bending of light by the moons minute atmosphere. @ 1:19 you can see one at the top of the screen passing in front of the moon, but it too fades out of view once it passes that "magnified" area. Perhaps if they changed direction once in a while I'd believe them to be UFOs but sadly these look like man-made satellites to me.

    I'd like to also stay vigilant about UFO disinformation, as a likely False Flag event may be a last resort for the falling global elite.

    America was becoming more open to the outside world with the boom of social networks which connected people all over the world and suddenly planes hot buildings, wars were started, and lots of money was made.

    So what's the "plan" on the eve of the mass World Awakening currently unfolding? If the entire world now threatens the exposing of the elite agenda, how can a world awakening be stopped? You need a threat that the whole world will be affected by. And so, a fake alien invasion is highly likely. Nuclear war as a threat has been a good option before, and it is currently unfolding again with Iran, but that threatens the elite as well.

    If aliens are real (and I believe they are) I believe they would make contact with GOOD people and not the world's corrupt and murderous elite. Anything else should be very suspect as a False Flag Global Deception.

    Any other-worldly civilization who's technology is a far more advanced version of what we are only now REdiscovering as free energy tapped into the quantum field, would be a highly united and peaceful. I believe this because it seems to be the way that WE Humans are going to get there as well.

    We are conditioned to think evil is real in an abundantly LOVING Universe. Anything else is delusion and illusion.

    Love&Light to ALL.

  2. Once again brother, great find. With the practically thousands of civilian telescopes out there that are at least powerful enough to see the moon pretty damn up close and personal, one would think or suss that much more has been seen by other civilians of activity such as this, even subtle work from these LUNA personnel on the actual face that we do see on the moon. Why would they merely just be solely working on the 'dark' or 'backside' of the moon? If they are mining the backside, then there has to be the same resources on the side that is facing us correct? Yet then again, if they did start working on the side that the public can see, then they would definitely be spotted by amateur telescope users and those that can even hook up their cameras to their telescopes (which I really, really want one that has this capability).

    Anyhow, can't wait to see more of this type of article and research. Yet something does strike me strange that Neil Armstrong would admit such a thing 'cause when others have asked Buzz Aldrin, he's literally punched people for asking him this sort of question(s). I would like to see the actual proof that Armstrong had said that and which publication or rag said that he did in fact say such a thing.

    Keep on keeping on brother! Namaste!

  3. I once wanted to do a professional documentary on the civilisation on the moon. From the moment I started with arranging for the whole project, I was followed arround in the city by unknown people. I stopped after I did not get the funds and the chase stopped, they left me alone again.


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