The Fluoride Deception: an Interview with Christopher Bryson

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  1. Short of it is that Fluoride not only causes various diseases, but most importantly it calcifies the pineal gland in the brain pinching off our connection to spiritual reality. That connection is responsible for our intuition as well as our creativity and ability to think outside the conditioned box. It is this pinching off from our energetic bodies that causes those diseases in the first place.

    To decalcify the pineal gland one must get a good balance of sunlight and complete darkness to balance the gland's chemical outputs, such as serotonin and DMT.

    Sort of makes you wonder why they were so adamant about people consuming at least 8 glasses of water a day even though there are no scientific benefits to drinking that specific amount of water. I have never been a big tap water drinker so I consider myself somewhat lucky. I guess my inner guidance always pulled me towards natural juices before I realized the significant benefits of that.

    You can speed up decalcification with meditation in complete darkness which is when the pineal gland is most active. Obviously, dietary changes such as eating more raw foods, will assist in the cleansing process as well. Some great sources of such cleanses on this site too!!

    The fundamental truth that we are vibrational beings, because all atoms are empty space, that means we are just condensed energetic consciousness and so is everything else. It's not all self aware consciousness, like a dog doesn't know it's a dog or a rock doesn't know it's a rock but we humans can stop and awe at the fact that we are in these human bodies.

    Then you can start to see the reasons for a lot of the perpetuated evil in the world required to keep that self awareness hidden from people where they become easily influenced. "Control the mind = Control the body" to do whatever they want it to.

    But those days of deception are over and people are learning truths of all kinds every day.

    Love&Light to ALL.

  2. Holly shit Alexander! check this out:


    The video is great


  3. You need to be careful in dealing with the substances. It may only affect your health.


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