Scientific Study: The 1% Are Psychopaths

Two Occupy Wall Street activists explaining why it's very important to spread knowledge about ps...

Two Occupy Wall Street activists explaining why it's very important to spread knowledge about psychopaths and psychopathy.

Find out about the important connection between psychopaths and the ruling 1%.

This is not taught in schools - but it should be.

Part 1/2:

Part 2/2:

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  1. Thank you for this post, Alexander!

    Knowledge is the TRUE Power united and multiplied by the collective minds of free people. It is very true that the TRUTH is scary. It is unbelievable. But we have to look into the eyes of the beast to learn that we have the power to be rid of it and the psychos for good!!

    Unless these psychos can wipe our memories with the flick of one switch, there is NO WAY we will EVER stop in bringing out the world we HUMANS want to live on. No child is born wanting to kill another child. It's the psychopathic conditioning of its respective "society" that slowly begins to contaminate the flow of unconditional LOVE. We just need to clean out the filters. Better yet, for those that understand, we find the filters are completely unnecessary as good and evil are the ying-yang of life, the contrast by which WE guide OUR lives. Emotions are our 6th Sense, our human instinct. They told us only animals have instincts in their school books, that the world is 5000 years old, and they'll try to teach our children that this is a free world while they enslave them too.

    Forget your religious beliefs, your political biases, you family influences, you nationality, even your age and gender. First and FOREMOST you are HUMAN. Everything else is irrelevant.

    We are united through consciousness and we are becoming more so on a GLOBAL level thanks to the collective consciousness of the internet which unites us. No Global monetary system will ever have a stronger impact. Actually, that will never happen because WE KNOW TOO MUCH TRUTH and we know these old psychopathic industries no longer serve our national interests because we've entered into an international interest for ALL PEOPLE of PEACE, FREEDOM, AND LOVE which we ALL HAVE we just need to shed the illusion of the contrary.

    Every passing day exposes another psycho slowly leading up the pyramid of power. Trust the Human hunger for TRUTH and know that we will expose you, all of you, one by one. You no longer have the power you once dreamed of obtaining. Good for you for creating the imbalance you thought would serve you by condensing your power to a laughable 1%. The 99% of us are coming for you. You claim, with your little special secret groups and societies, that you hold all the secrets to the universe yet you don't follow its fundamental laws and still expect to succeed?? Well, that seems to imply that you really don't know much about anything at all. We don't need your cults to learn about the vibrational reality we all live in and what the energy of our emotions is capable of, what it really means to be SELF aware, the healing powers of meditation and REAL prayer or mantras. Only your so-called secrets give you power. So what secrets do you hold? ETs? Over-abundance of Gold? Cancer-curing cannabis? Free energy technology? The true meaning of "As above, so Below (micro/macro relationships)?

    Tell us something we don't already KNOW.



  2. Hi alexander, it says I need permission to view this video. Suggestions?

    love and light, all my warmth

  3. Dear Anonymous Jan 28, 2012 01:35 PM,
    The owner made the videos private on Vimeo. Still available on YouTube, though - issue fixed. Thank you for notifying me. Much Love!


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