Yes, Earth is Expanding (Complete Lecture) [Part III]

Author James Maxlow presents his latest work on the Expanding Earth Hypothesis at the Nexus Conferne...

Author James Maxlow presents his latest work on the Expanding Earth Hypothesis at the Nexus Confernence with examples from his book Terra Non Firma Earth.

Many thanks to Dr Maxlow and Duncan Roads for permission to place this presentation online. 
Part 1/14:
Part 2/14:
Part 3/14:
Part 4/14:
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  1. Great stuff Alexander! I've seen the little teaser videos you've posted recently so I'm looking forward to watching this lecture!! Thank you!

    It's funny how most "seasoned" scientists would say this is nonsense, yet regular people of the net watch this and say, "oh, that makes lots of sense actually."

    This is yet another, if not the most significant, piece of evidence that matter forms from "nowhere" and is constantly expanding. If consciousness expands, matter must as well since its source is consciousness.

    Every day that passes, I'm more inclined to want to home-school my children when I eventually have them. Or at the very least, be very involved in what they're "learning" and always provide them with a fuller picture. I guess just be an aware and involved parent in regards to their education. An Involved Parent... what a concept, huh?? :)

    Love&Light to ALL.

  2. A few months ago I was using Google Earth and noticed something odd about the ocean floor map of the Pacific Ocean. I noticed patterns with the unattached land. The Americas and Africa/Europe is obvious and fit the 'continental drift' (LOL! Does Mars have that?) theory.... But I never realized that the other side fit too. I used photoshop and cut and pasted a world map and realized the entire world fit together as if it was a tiny globe that expanded like a baloon. Then I found this expanding Earth theory. Nonsense! says consensus science. That is the problem. Theoretical science. It's based on consensus... an elite club. Disagree? Well you're not in the club you pseduo-scientific fringer

    Continental drift makes no sense. Once you see it, it cannot be unseen. I don't have the answers. I don't know if the Earth is expanding. But I do know they all fit together everywhere... all the continents. Common sense once you see it. Then I find out that South American pottery, circular home-building, and some genetic aspects are only found elsewhere in Japan. And the pyramids carved (not built) from rock have a 'sister' on an island by Japan... under water. And the 'experts' say it's natural when they humanoid statues along with the appearance of the structure and the divers who have been there.... they say otherwise.

    They say something that makes any rational person realize that something is wrong. Somebody is lying. Why are they lying? Why would they lie about an expanding Earth? If they taught me that in grade school, I don't think I would care. Why cover it up?

    This is the problem. They are hiding the truth from us. Next time somebody asks where Atlantis is, say that Americans are living on it. Even the bible mentions Atlantis.... Antediluvian... pre-flood. What do you think that means? The tower of babel? Homer and Plato saying the world was re-configured? You don't need a brain to realize what they are talking about.


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