THRIVE: What on Earth will it take? [FULL]

THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- un...

THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives.

Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.

Show your support and help humanity rise: http://ThriveMovement.com
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  1. Thanks Alex for posting this movie. I believe that I will post it also on my blog.

    Warmest & kindest wishes,

  2. I've just finished watching it and it's almost perfect!

    The problems are pointed out very well, unfortunately I'm sure we cannot end their game until we STOP USING MONEY.

    Also stop voting, stop supporting the governments, stop joining the uniforms. Inform everyone that Police and Army-men are used as bodyguards of the elites.

    If one would ask me "what is the biggest technology for human evolution at this point", I would say "free, unlimited, clean energy".

    And to the question "what is the first change towards a spiritual and technological evolution?" I would answer "giving up money".

    If we will manage to eliminate money, the free energy that we crave for will surface instantly, together with food abundance and appropriate healthcare. This will put a end to all wars and will reduce or extinct crime in the following years.

    Personally, I think money are the PRIME cause to all our social problems. Just try to trace them to the core of all problems and you will be successful. Materialistic gain is the main reason behind all negative actions of our "leaders".

    STOP using money! We have alternatives. One example is a Resource Based Economy. I'm sure there are other that will work, because the monetary system is not!

  3. Wonderful! Thank you for posting this!!

    It is so amazing to have people come forward and stare right into the eyes of the beast unflinching, undeterred and with such courage that just lights a fire within!

    "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn't exist"

    Although, there is no literal thing as the devil, there are people who currently control most (not all) of the world for their own devilish agenda. We all know on some level what that is. This is a remarkable film that calls out and shines a light on this evil so we all know it exists and better yet, it focuses on the Solutions on HOW TO RID OF IT FOR GOOD!! The small things we can do are amazingly easy to do. We've all seen the "Fear Porn" out there that then leaves us in such despair and paralyzing fear. This is NOT one of those films!!

    Please visit the site and let's join together to build the world we WANT TO LIVE IN from the crumbling rubble of this "Old World Order".

    Love, Light and Appreciation to you ALL!

  4. I had a friend you used the Gerson system; it gave him some time, but but did not cure...but it was painless...

  5. While your Utopian society is well displayed above, and I definitely would wish nothing more than to live in it, I think that as humans we are animalistic in nature. More to the point, I think we have many similar behavioral tendencies as do our fellow mammals. Thus holding us back from ever reaching your ideal. Bottom line: unfortunately, most humans don’t think like you do. They strive for dominance over one another and must live in a hierarchy based civilization.

    I do think this film could be a great step in the right direction, though. IF the word could be spread more easily.

    I, myself, haven’t been able to watch it as of yet because it was removed too quickly.

    Hmm…if it were FREE this could spread like wildfire.

    The people behind this potentially epic documentary are holding it back for profit in a sense. Seems counter-productive, eh?

    Love the site, keep challenging your visitors to evolve in a positive way!

  6. Hello Alex:

    Unfortunately, the video has already been pulled from youtube. It's a shame.

    Censorship revealed.

    Take care,

  7. Utopia is perfection, while this is the first step towards a better society. I don't understand why so many people consider giving up money as utopia.

    If so many of us consider this to be a positive thing, that will lead to perfection, then let's give up money today! There are a lot of people already doing it and I am ready to do it myself. At this point I am just spreading awareness, but I cannot conceive a future where humans did not gave up money.

    I'll repost the video as soon as it will be available.

    In the meanwhile spread the word.

  8. I have to add a thought here, Alex. Money itself is not the issue. It is the system that controls it that is the issue. Money was first created because of the limitations of the bartering system. But of course, as in many of the crumbling institutions today, some greedy parasite bankers figured out how to manipulate it as a form of control. If we had a monetary system that was backed by gold or silver it would be better but still not perfect.

    We need to find a transitional solution. We really can't (as much as I'd like to as well) drop money all together. We need to slowly detox the system as to not cause the system to go into shock.

    We will get there. These are the beginning waves of such a transition. We must be patient.

    More important that all of this however, if for people to finally learn to reconnect with their inner infinite and eternal wisdom. We see it a carvings and engravings of ancient walls and monuments, we read it (in between the lines) of Holy scriptures as we are beginning to understand through new scientific quantum effects that there is indeed a unified consciousness that connects us with not only each other but also with the entire universe. We see the geometry of creation from micro to macro.

    Yes, of course there will be those who have been so ripped away from this inner understanding that they will shout and say that you are some kind of new age weirdo or a Jesus freak, etc. The FACT is this is being PROVEN with the amazing advances in technological methods.

    The beauty in all this is that the same "source energy" or "ether" or "field" or "soul" that we are a part of is the source of FREE ENERGY. Just search the net and you'll see how even average people are building machines that use electro magnetism to run them without any burning of fuels. Some have even discovered how to tap into this abundant energy around us just like Tesla did.

    Imagine if we all had our own free energy machines to power our homes. The energy corporations that invest in weapon creation and kill the environment WILL literally become obsolete in no time! They have suppressed these technologies for hundreds (if not thousands) of years so that they can keep drilling for oil and making money because they just don't care about this world. But WE do! So let's start taking the steps to do it rather than keep focusing on what's NOT working. We'll just keep arguing in circles because that's sadly what they have trained "society" to do so well.

    Clearly the evidence that we are indeed waking up has hit a global level. This is history in the making so lets be a part of it rather than the trained little monkeys we've been for so long.

    Love&Light to ALL!!

  9. beginning to awakenNovember 19, 2011 at 5:49 AM

    Alex -

    I posted anonymously earlier, but I wash hoping to further our dialogue and wanted to have my own voice (not anonymous). I was able to watch the film tonight, and I think the past two hours might have been one of the biggest moments in my entire life.

    The post above hits the nail on the head in that, the problem isn’t money, its the system as a whole. Money is just one aspect of this “puppet master system”.

    The video says that we outnumber the puppet masters 1,000,000 to 1, but first we must unite. Once we unite, there is no stopping us.

    The question is though, how do we begin to unite?

    More eyes must see this film, more ears must hear the truth, more souls need to soak everything in.

    We have to collectively realize these unfortunate truths, then slowly work towards change.

  10. Dear Friend,
    I understand very well that the system as a whole is faulty (read "About me").

    But "the system" is a vague notion for a lot of people. 'What is it composed of', they might ask?

    It is the corroboration of all systems of our society: healthcare, educational, monetary, economic, transportation, legal, religious, social, cultural, police, military, etc.

    All of them are corrupt and obsolete. But why?
    Because there is one system that corrupts all others. It is "the bad apple that spoils the whole basket": the monetary system.

    But here is a trick: if we abolish the monetary system, all others will collapse around it, in a domino effect. Money (corruption, materialism, greed) is the cancer of our society.

    (Corruption means taking actions in the detriment of others for your own materialistic gains.

    Materialism is the obsession of having more and more materialistic possessions: homes, cars, jewelry, art objects, etc.

    Greed is the extreme form of materialism, where no matter how much one has, it's never enough).

    In conclusion, bringing all systems down at the same time would be a mammoth task. And I don't think we are up to it. But we can bring down the monetary system and all others will simply collapse around it.

    A new society will arise, that will place the human being and the human needs at its center, and build everything else around them.

    Free healthcare, education, food & water, clothing, transportation, energy, etc.

    There is abundance on Earth. The problem is the poor management of the resources. Why? Because there is no monetary gain in feeding the poor.

    The overpopulation myth - just another deception!
    And one more thing, there is no such thing as 'overpopulation' at this point. Seven billion people can live and thrive on a continent no bigger than Australia, if correctly managed.

    We are being manipulated again and again by the same people: the so called elites, the billionaires - the bankers. "Divide and conquer" is their motto and as long as they will be able to divide us, they will also conquer us.

    So let's unite and bring the monetary system down! This is their main weapon against us, their enslavement tool. I see it no other way...


  11. I posted a link where you can view Thrive movie full on youtube but it seems it wasnt aproved. /watch?v=Tr2fzgiIegg. Anyway, i guess if one wants to see the movie will find it.

  12. Did you know that there is only a certain amount of souls? Not one more or one less!!! So over population is the biggest bs reason for anything.


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