Journalist During the Libyan Coup: "The People Were Supporting Gaddafi" + NATO Conducting Terrorist Attacks on Libya

I. Lizzy Phelan (Journalist in Libya): A must-see short video from journalist Lizzy Phelan about th...

I. Lizzy Phelan (Journalist in Libya): A must-see short video from journalist Lizzy Phelan about the Libyan coup. She witnessed the coup first hand and she defends Gaddafi's regime - The people were actually supporting Gaddafi.

The video is being deleted all over YouTube due to "copyrights issues":

II. ABC News: American Supermodel Defends Gaddafi Family, Loses Job:
"An American model who has appeared in ads for Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani and L'Oreal lost her biggest client Monday after she defended boyfriend Mutassim Gaddafi and the Gaddafi family in an interview with Italian media.

Vanessa Hessler, a blonde, long-legged 23-year-old Italian-American model, said that she had shared a "very beautiful love story" of four years with Mutassim Gadhafi, the 36-year-old son and heir of Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi who died with his father in a last stand outside the Libyan city of Sirte on Oct. 21." - Source ABCnews.com

III. RT News: The cost for NATO's bombing raids that killed thousands of innocent civilians was $2 billions (while many EU countries take lesser loans from the IMF that they, their children and grandchildren will have to pay for):

IV. Pravda.ru (leading Russian newspaper): NATO conducted terrorist attacks on the Libyan people!

"A NATO terrorist attack has hit a water pipes factory in al-Brega, murdering six guards, this being the factory which makes pipes for the great man-made irrigation system across the desert which brings water to seventy per cent of Libyan homes, according to sources in Libya. The factory was hit after the water supply network was destroyed on Friday." 


"NATO has committed another war crime, targeting a civilian water supply network which brings water to 70% of Libya's population, according to Pravda.Ru sources in Libya. The general manager of the Man Made River Corporation which controls the pipeline reports it was hit in a NATO strike on Friday. In another clear violation of the law, a consignment from Italy of 19 000 AK-47's was caught in Ajdabiyah by the Libyan authorities, according to Libyan military sources."

"NATO attacked the Great Manmade River pipeline in Libya which literally brings water across the desert to millions of Libyans and farms in western and southern Libya as well as to the capital Tripoli and Benghazi. The Manmade River project is not only a life-sustaining source of water for millions of Libyan people and a core part of Libya's agriculture, it also stands as a source of national pride and identity."

"It is the largest irrigation system in the world and you can find a map of it on the Libyan dinar note. Gadhafi himself called it "the eighth wonder of the world". They started the project in 1983 with an extraordinary session of the People's Congresses and 25 billion dollars later, it was completed. Funding came from profits from the very oil industry that NATO countries hope to privatize." - sott.net

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  1. bla bla bla.... what is the journalist showing to prove that she is right and saying the truth. obviously there were gadaffi supporters and anti gaddafi. so she cannot say that libyans were all supporting gaddafi. during the period of nato bombing i used to watch gaddafi libyan channel (over satellite) making propaganda and during his speeches a few hundred of people were present waving green flags.... and the camera was showing as if the green square was full of people

    1. congratulation to you.Now that m.gaddafi is gone, you are already looking forword fighting each other. I can see that life in Libya are much better than before. So keep up the good work until you bring down the whole country just like what happen to Iraq. Once again CONGRATULATION. (28/03/2012)

  2. "Bla, bla, bla", you don't care because it's not about you, directly. But one day it will be and maybe I, and others like me, will not be here to defend you and your human rights.

    And these events affect you more than you can imagine! Financially, and your (already few) liberties. This is another step towards the new world order and total control. Acting like this it's what the elites want. You are helping them with your actions.

    Help them no more! Stand up - spread the truth!

  3. yes i care my friend and i live right next to them. i understand about the one world order you are mentioning. but i wanted to say that alot of libyan people wanted this so called revolution. alot of libyans in our country went back to libya after the fall of gaddafi!!! even leaving behind their women and children (who are not libyans and who will never accept to go to libya). so we cannot say that it is a total nato massacre, libyan wanted the nato so let them have it. but im sorry we are going in that way were the one world order will all make us slaves and through their monetary system too.
    what do you think about syria? should someone act to stop the massacre?

  4. Dear Friend,
    Just like I've said in a previous article, people wanted Ceausescu (Romanian dictator before 1989) removed as well, but the common people usually do not understand the TRUE motives behind a coup.

    Dictatorship, just like ANY other political form of government must be removed. The people need to be free and independent. The so called democracy Libyans gained, is the liberty to choose between Pepsi and Cola, while their natural resources and their FUTURE are being stolen by the global elites. This is not freedom, nor democracy. It is a well preserved ILLUSION of both. It is the most advanced form of enslavement in history, where people don't even realize they are slaves.

    I am not good at politics, because I'm not interested in it. It's corrupt and obsolete by definition; why would anyone care about it?

    Also, I don't have a direct answer to your question about Syria. The only answer I have - and it's the answer to ALL questions and problems of any kind - is for humans to put aside all differences and work together as ONE species against the true oppressors: the global elites.

    No more politics and politicians, no more governments and corrupt leaders, no more big corporations, no more banks and bankers, NO MORE MONEY!

    We must search for a new economic model, where currency does not exists. What good are politicians? They know NOTHING about resources, engineering, agriculture, medicine, etc.

    Simple Exercise for all: Try to link money to all current problems, no matter what domain or reason. It should be fairly easy to do so, because Everything is done for materialistic gains.

    NO MORE MONEY!!! - Love and Peace to all!

    1. Loved this comment! Fantastic Alexander Light!


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