Jim Carey Speaks of His Awakening and a New Earth on Oprah

Jim Carey talks about Eckhart Tolle and his awakening on Oprah "What Echkart’s philosophy is basically about is that the present mom...

Jim Carey talks about Eckhart Tolle and his awakening on Oprah

"What Echkart’s philosophy is basically about is that the present moment is all we have, it is all there is and all there ever will be.

Most of us live trapped or lost in the movement of thought. Sometimes I have spent two hours of my day thinking about one person I resent. 

Going through orations, if he ever says this I will say that and all of those things. I found myself now, when you get caught up in something like that, becoming conscious suddenly and going, “Oh wait I am here. I am not with that person right now. I am creating things that don’t even exist,” you know and it is useless. Time badly spent!"

Jim Carrey candidly discusses his encounter with authentic Awakening at the 2009 Inaugural GATE Event (Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment).

"A few months ago after knowing Eckhart Tolle for a while and studying the books I woke up and I suddenly got it. I understood suddenly how thought was just an illusory thing. And how thought is responsible for, if not all, most of the suffering we experience. And then I suddenly felt like I was looking at the thought from another perspective and I wondered who is it that’s aware that I am thinking and suddenly I was thrown into this expansive amazing feeling of freedom from  myself from my problems.

I saw that I was bigger than what I do. I was bigger than my body. I was everything and everyone I was no longer a fragment of the universe. I was the universe and ever sense that day I have been trying to get back there. It comes and it goes, it is like riding a wave sometimes I am on, sometimes I off but at least I know where I want to go and I want to take as many people with me that I possibly can because the feeling is amazing. It is our intention because our intention is everything, nothing happens on this planet without it, not one single thing has ever been accomplished without intention.

I started thinking about my life and I started thinking about this conference and what we are about and I looked back and I always thought I was two people my whole life. I was in the living room entertaining people, being a monkey you know, doing my thing for the company and trying to relieve my mother who was suffering. She had rheumatoid arthritis and flumitis and everything under the sun was nagging at her and she was depressed.

I wanted her to be free and I wanted her to realize that her life was worth something because she gave birth to someone who was worth something and then I would go into my room and sit with a legal pad, I was a little kid and I would sit there and I would try to figure out what it meant, what it was all about, why are we here, what is this.

Then one day I read something from Buddha and it said, “All spirituality is about relieving suffering” and I suddenly realized that is what I am doing in the other room. I am aligned, my purpose is aligned with this so I felt incredibly lucky. I lose sight of that all the time. I get caught up in different concerns and ego concerns. I am so lucky to be apart of this community and to do something that is off value."

Creating a New Earth Together

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