Reptilian Aliens Inside the Lost Tomb of Alexander the Great [1998 Lecture - Forbidden History]

Recorded June 19, 1998, the very same day the X-Files movie opened across the country. This video was shot in Chicago at the Seven Continent...

Recorded June 19, 1998, the very same day the X-Files movie opened across the country. This video was shot in Chicago at the Seven Continent Dowser's Association Conference. The lecture topic is little more than its title. Opens with a shuttle tale and moves into the first part of the program that deals with modern "Dinosauria" (where Reptilian Humanoids are depicted very clearly - 23:30 minute onward), Underground Data and ancient history not mentioned in any modern English text.

The presentation drops off the deep end as slides from the Tomb, taken by Virginia Hourigan and Harry Hubbard are deciphered and exhibited for what they truly depict. Most of this information released to the public for the first time in 1998, was discovered between 1994 and 1995 from data relating to the Tomb and its contents. As we have proclaimed in the past, many of the tablets from Alexander's Tomb do not fall into the "politically correct" category.

The story line of this presentation uses primarily the details from tablets that clearly show Reptilian and other E.T. contact. Nothing here is made up or even slightly contrived. Harry outlines the parallels between Old World and New World contacts with E.T.'s 2000 years ago and follows certain threads of accurately described data through Medieval Age engravings, to the mid 1990's and right back to 2000 year old Latin found in North America.

This tape is not controversial, it is the last word. There is no more to say about contact with races from the sky. More than a little of this data will soar right over the heads of most UFO enthusiasts. As Al Bielek says, "There is a learning curve one must pass through to understand your information." 

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