A New Era in Physics: Anti-Gravity / Cold Fusion Explained In Detail

"Cold fusion is cheap, limitless and clean." It is also the answer for what is known as "anti-gravity".  The...

"Cold fusion is cheap, limitless and clean."
It is also the answer for what is known as "anti-gravity". 

The following series covers the groundbreaking work of Frank Znidarsic. We really have the power to change the world if we work together and make the efforts to understand this profound scientific discovery. We are reaching that tipping point, and Frank's work can take us there.

Part 1: How to download Frank's papers and how Planck's constant was calculated experimentally.
Part 2: This segment tells the history of cold fusion research, and the advancements that were made, leading to Frank's first clue.

Part 3: This segment covers the Podkletnov antigravity experiments.

Part 4: This segment covers gravitomagnetism.

Part 5: This segment covers Bose-Einstein condensates.

Part 6: This segment covers the mechanism for anti-gravity and cold fusion.

Part 7: This segment covers the importance of impedance matching.

Part 8: This segment covers proof of impedence match, importance of Bose-Einstein condensates, and transmutation of elements in cold fusion.

Part 9: This segment covers cold fusion mechanisms in detail.

Part 10: In this series I cover the groundbreaking work of Frank Znidarsic. This segment covers importance of palladium and history of quantum theory.

Part 11: This segment covers how to make $100 and save the world at the same time, how to download Frank's papers, and also how Planck's constant was calculated experimentally.

Part 12: This segment covers how to calculate Planck's constant from a classical framework, and some great quantum mysteries.

Part 13: This segment explains why we are using the capacitance equations out of electrical engineering textbooks.

Part 14: This segment covers the width of a photon, and an explanation for the 2 slit experiment.

Part 15: TThis segment covers how Frank originally got the number of 1.094 megahertz-meters for the speed of transition, impedance matching for wave propagation speeds, the significance of the fine structure constant, and the universes first working model of a perpetual motion machine.

Part 16: This segment covers WHY electron orbitals are quantized, and why the speed of light in the electronic structure must match the speed of mechanical wave propagation in the nucleus, along with a tirade about why quantum mechanics is NOT synonymous with quantum physics... Oh yeah, and a little rap at the beginning.

Part 17: This segment covers the physical impedance matching of the electron and nucleon vibrations, zero point energy, and how surfing and clutches are analagous.

Part 18: This segment covers photon absorption in detail, the two slit experiment, and common misconceptions.

Part 19: This segment ties up a bunch of loose ends with the theory.

Part 20: This segment shows how to make the formula to calculate the speed of sound in the nucleus.

Part 21: This segment actually does the calculations for the speed of sound in the nucleus.

Part 22: This segment calculates the radii of hydrogen PLUS muonic hydrogen without Planck's constant... AND I RAP THE WHOLE THING.

Part 23: This segment explains the orbital radii equations in more detail and covers simple harmonic motion.
To be continued...

Related material :
http://frankz.cwahi.net (all papers from the videos by Frank Znidarsic).

(all papers including newest, plus a lecture given by Frank, a talk show interview, and a rip of his website, peer reviewed papers on cold fusion and Podkletnov's work, and other gravitomagnetism experiments).

Alternate site: http://coldfusionnow.org

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