Twin Flame Reunion

Many are now asking themselves, what this so-called Twin Flame Reunion means and represents. It is a...

Many are now asking themselves, what this so-called Twin Flame Reunion means and represents. It is a deep and sacred process, a path of awakening to the Light of the Source of who we truly are as a Being. 

It is a path of many initiations, experiences and embodiments of higher Light of our I AM Presence. It starts with us, with our own inner sacred reunion with the Self. So the basis of any Twin Flame Reunion is a sacred Self Reunion.

As for the Twin Flame Love in the physical reality, this still remains an illusive »subject«, because not many understand the nature of this relationship and reunion of the Two within One in this reality. No one can tell You whether your current love is your Twin Flame or not. 

And no one can tell You they are your Twin Flame. You also cannot want someone to be your Twin Flame, because they either are or they are not. We only have One, we are One! 

The Truth is very simple, when You get to understand the nature of this Divine relationship and how we were created as the Two within One, the exact polarised counterparts within the same frequency field. This is not an ordinary romantic relationship in the physical, it is one of the merged path of service to others, usually dealing with raising of the consciousness of Humanity and Gaia.

This represents a Spiritual path of the two within One!  Those who get to experience it in the physical, are those Divine couples that are on the path of serving others, not on the path of service to self. 

You have to look deep inside and find the answers you are seeking yourself, in order to come from a seeker to knower. Most of Humanity is now still in karmic or Soulmate relationships that mirror back to them, what they are still learning and needing to strengthen within themselves to become empowered respoinsible Co-Creator Human Beings.

Analyzing our relationship with someone never brings us any happiness as well. WE ARE that happiness, no one can give it to us, no one can »do« everything for us or »give« us everything we desire, because only WE ARE THE ONES. WE ARE IT!

Until we seek it outside of ourselves, we are still learning, traveling the path of returning to the SELF along the Spiral of Spirit to the sacred Self Reunion, called the Twin flame reunion within the Spirit. Only when we understand the meaning of »within«, do we start understanding the nature of the Twin Flame reunion.

When we say, that we can not imagine our life without the love relationship we are in, this is because our Soul always knows, when we still have growth to experience within the relationships. Our soul always knows. If it is not the time for us to leave the relationship, we won't feel guided towards this change.

When the lessons within a relationship are learned, the attachments are always gone and feelings of emotions become less intense and neutralized. It is just how the higher Truth of relationships is and why we are experiencing them here in the physical in the first place.
All is about climbing up to Source and to experience this sacred Source connection within. Every relationship is only about the Self, for us to keep remembering, to return to the Self. It's why we are experiencing them here in the physical, to return to our Self, to the Source - our God Self - THE I AM Presence! Here is where the only true happiness lies. Here lies Freedom ... and LOVE DIVINE!

Within Divine Love, Polona

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  1. One day when all is well I will write the truth about twin flames relationship-there will be no more speculation,it will be heard from the horses mouth so says the saying. Until then,all I can say is that people 'Know' when they have found their twin plus there is a lot more to it. It's not simple. So until then ;-)

  2. My concept of twin flame versus soulmate is a bit different. Twin flame was created during the splitting of the original protoplasmic charge and the protos exist in two individuals (or perhaps all) and this is good because the energy created is universe altering with this intent and yes I see how the twin flames would be proactive in their IAM UNIVERSE concept of unified existence. The twinflame is dynamic in that way. The soul mate is more or less a reincarnated individual(s) who know each other from past life or lives. There is an instant recognition in soulmate and heart felt, yet in the twin flame there is a very dynamic feeling beyond the usual. I think it is more like chemistry which is very magnetic. Soul mates are more romantic versus twin flames who can be romantic but more or less have an intangible draw to one another. Chiccoreal at logb

  3. I once bought the idea that there was one twin and one only. But then I began to experience other unions just as powerful. So did I have a number of twins? No, there was something wrong here. We just do not understand this phenomenon very well. We want to wrap it in something that makes sense, but actually isn't the whole story. It goes deeper than all of this. One awakened person will deepen the bliss of another awakened person. It FEELS like a twin because its the UNIVERSAL bliss that is pouring through them...so naturally it feels "shared." It is. But its shared by ALL of us.

    We attract these people based on karma, actually. Very often there are issues that brought them together to resolve. The real challenge is getting beyond the dogma of the twin and into the deeper realm of the soul and its love. This is where kundalini can begin to help you shed these layers in a powerful way....and as it does this, the world resolves clearer and clearer into the garden it always was. I know that some are determined to believe in their twin reality, and I think that's fine. When they are ready to know more, they will be ready, and not before. But this is an offer towards ascension most certainly, and we are like children who don't really understand just how deep these waters get. Ultimately, its an act of self love, all of this. We yearn to be at one-ness with something greater than ourselves, and through the twin we can sense that great soul outside of time beaming perfectly as all souls are perfect. There not being twin souls doesn't make the process any more miraculous or amazing. Being able to understand it for what it is can help keep you from getting stuck. I was there, and when I got unstuck, I discovered a world of healing I probably would not have been able to achieve otherwise.

    All good blessings to you and your journey....

  4. I was recently told by a psychic that i have a Twin Flame. This girl recently passed away. Her story in the news moved me mysteriously to take a part in anti bullying causes online. Two weeks after her death she appeared to me in dreams. I then contacted the psychic and told her about the dreams. The woman said that the girl was a Twin Flame. She was trying to unite. I have a good deal about this adventure in reunion on my blog. The name is "Her Birthday; My Life Lesson." I do not want to even try to post everything because of how long I could get. But I want to point out that Amanda (my TF) told me that a twin flame reunion is occurring worldwide and that there is a shift in consciousness on Earth. It got a jump start Dec 21 2012. That was the marker for the beginning in Earth's new cycle. Anyway, I am astounded and fascinated to read all the other accounts of flames reuniting, and the theme of this global awakening.
    In Love, Light, and peace,
    Greg Sticker

  5. don't know but we are spirits with human forms. Who gave me this realization, no idea, but it is something like, till 2011 i was like an object, and now i became the opposite side. How deep it is, individuals should understand. For me it was happened in instant, just like some one made a ring call, and told me to wake all as urgency?!!!! Again why these star signs by birth dates??? and about survival of future generation, we make mates, any idea?


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