Unconditional Love

Sometimes people do not have complete understanding of unconditional Love. They might think that unconditional Love means accepting everythi...

Sometimes people do not have complete understanding of unconditional Love. They might think that unconditional Love means accepting everything as it comes to us as a part of our Reality. When in fact, it truly means allowing everything, not blocking anything, within deep respect of everyone and All Life within Creation.
But as an individual within that, we still get to choose what we invite into our vibration field and make our Reality as Co-creator Beings. So while some say, that the language of unconditional Love should be tender and sweet, and when we speak in some other form that seems not of that energy to certain individuals, they often confuse that with not being of unconditional Love and acceptance.

Loving unconditionally means accepting and respecting every individual and All Life as it is, but still we don't have to make it a part of our own Reality, as a Co-creator Being within the field of freedom to choose. Because we are vibrating on different levels of awareness and our Souls come from varieties of evolutionary states. Sometimes, unconditional Love means also saying No, just the same way as saying Yes. And sometimes, the language of it is not just "rainbows and butterflies". The only thing that unconditional Love is, apart from us Humans trying to define it ... is Truth. In the highest Divine Light of One, Unconditional Love is Truth. And Truth is not always what others might like hearing, especially when they get a No answer or something that shakes them up.

But Truth is multi-faceted, as there are many layers of that One! And choosing something not to be in our own vibration field, does not necessarily mean we do not have deep respect and appreciation for someone or something within All Creation. It just means that we do not resonate with that in our Reality and that we have a different vibration level in that state. 

And our vibration level represents us, and it has nothing to do with not respecting another. It just means, that we are here to claim our own energy field, not a field of another. It really is that simple. And if people would have a deeper understanding of that, there would be much less taking things personally, accusing others and making assumptions that come out of fear, guilt and our own projections of the mental constructs we still possess as Humans.

Only through deep understanding of what unconditional Love and acceptance actually means and fully embodying it as Humans, can we start building towards inner Peace which creates outer Peace, and Peace on Earth, that everyone so deeply desires. But it starts with us and our own "graduation" as evolved mature and responsible Co-Creator Human Beings, who truly understand unconditional Love within the Law of One!

With Love, Polona

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