The Law of Free Will

The Law of Free Will is not understood by many on a deeper level, where the Truth resides. The Law of Free Will exists within the entire Cre...

The Law of Free Will is not understood by many on a deeper level, where the Truth resides. The Law of Free Will exists within the entire Creation, but on Earth, it manifests on a different level, since Earth was rather dense, still is and is now shifting towards the less dense state of Being, where that Law of Free Will becomes a different variation of it.
Where we are now, people usually perceive this as their right of Co-creator Beings to choose according to their Free Human Will. It is true. Prime Creator did gift Humanity on Earth with this »gift« of Free Will, but there is another side to it, the hidden fact that not all realize and and have yet to understand. Free Will on Earth means only the ability to freely choose by naturally given Soul's right to choose and grow by its own pace, time line and favor.

But when the Human Will is still involved, there is no partaking of that Soul in the grander scheme of things, it cannot also operate on other levels of Being besides Earth. It cannot co-create within other levels of Creation, which means that it cannot create on higher levels. In order for that to be enabled, the Soul must indeed surpass the Human ego will and move into higher Divinity where Divine Will resides. Only when a Soul is on that level of expansion, it is in a state of a Co-creator Being, a Co-creator God within the Universes. Once this is achieved, the Soul also has an impact in other realities and can consciously affect them by its actions and energy behind the choices of those actions. So when we think of Human Free Will, it is still rather limiting and Earthbound. 

When we think Divine Free Will, there is no need for the word »Free« in the middle any longer, it is merely Divine Will. It is Self obvious, Self sufficient and Self sustainable. It can create Life Forces and resides only within the Field of the »Law of One«, All that is beneath that, still carries the vibration of Human Free Will, where there is still the need to experience and grow through our own conscious choices, which enrich the Soul with new learning experiences.

Where there is »Free Will« of the Human kind, there is also the paradox in this meaning, because in general view, Humanity is not really free, until it is not evolved enough to be completely discerning and a certain individual has matured on a Soul level. That's why it is often manipulated and therefore the »free« will of individuals who think they are living a life of Free Will, is often taken away, because they actually are not free. We are only truly free, when things can no longer manipulate us, and only then we are empowered and Self sustaining free thinkers, who trust and rely upon the Law of One, the Will of God.

Is there truly anything else left to say now? It is so obvious, for those who wish to really see the Light of the Truth. So therefore, really think of how you use the word »free will« yourself. Is what you think of as »free will« really setting you free as a Being? Think again, and think really deep. Look within, and choose wisely. It is all a matter of choice anyway. For the Law of Free Will is only there to teach us about that. To choose wisely and to be responsible for our own decisions and creations. And that is what brings forth immense growth!

But we do not only have rights. We also have »obligations«. And we »owe« it to the entire Creation to think about those as well!

Because we always choose our Reality. Therefore, we are constantly experiencing what we are creating. We can create an utter Heaven on Earth, or a complete doomsday like in the final days of Atlantis.

So what is it, that we wish to create within this freedom? 

With Love and within the highest guidance within the Law of One,

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