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An amazing thing happened on my walk today. It started raining while I was meditating, but I was encouraged to stay there, for there was to ...

An amazing thing happened on my walk today. It started raining while I was meditating, but I was encouraged to stay there, for there was to be like some kind of a »test« for me. I remembered that I can imagine myself staying dry, while it rained elsewhere, guarded and protected. And then all of a sudden, I just started to sing out of my Heart.
This song just came through me as softly as the rain, as it was sourcing itself through me. I started to sing as if I knew the lyrics of it, like they are a part of me somehow, and the melody came along as well. I started to sing »I AM the Light shining bright, I AM Elohim!« The rest of the lyrics I don't remember anymore, because I was in a completely surrendered and connected state of Being. But apparently the white Light of the Elohim did its work and served its purpose, because the rain stopped afterward immediately. I was suddenly really dry and protected. I kept on singing, because it felt so good, since I truly felt it coming from deep within. Then I opened my eyes and looked at the sky. It was all dark and cloudy, but there was a clear space above my head. I remembered how powerful and magnificent I AM as a Being and what it is like to be a Co-creator with the Divine.

When you are all about pure Love, All is possible, and you sure can create just about anything with only a yearning and an open loving Heart. I started walking back home and where I was, there was no rain. There was crystal blue amongst the dark and gloomy clouds. I knew it was a »task« from my highest guidance, a lesson from Spirit to help me remember my abilities. And as soon as we remember them, we bring them into our Being.

When I was looking at the sky while walking, beautiful rays of the Sun penetrated through the surface of those heavy dark clouds. A true representation of how it is to be a shining Light of pure Love amongst All that is. I remembered, I acknowledged, I realized that I know. And that I am not making this up or imagining it.

The words of this psychic intuitive now come to me: »You have All the knowledge already, your task is simply just to remember it All.« I remember something new each day. What a beautiful Journey this is!

With Love, Polona

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