Free Energy Machine Unveiled by Australian Engineers

The world may soon be able to buy one of the Far North's most controversial yet revolutionary i...

The world may soon be able to buy one of the Far North's most controversial yet revolutionary inventions.

The Lutec 1000 free energy machine has resurfaced after six years of steering clear of the public spotlight, having been granted patents in at least 60 countries around the world, including the US, China and India.

Engineers John Christie and Lou Brits, who have endured intense criticism after they first unveiled their invention in 2001, are now preparing to construct a prototype of their revolutionary power device they hope to market within the next two years.
The dynamic duo said they felt somewhat vindicated they had been able to land patents for their device and have had the Lutec verified by an independent engineer.
"When we first kicked off, there was a huge fuss about it and people said we’d never get patents for it," Mr Christie said.

"They said it would never work, so we couldn’t get patents, so it’s a good thing to see now."
The generator works as an energy amplifier, generating up to 10 times the amount of electricity it consumes.

The Lutec draws its power from a bank of batteries, with the motor turning due to powerful permanent magnets at its core being attracted and then repulsed from steel cores of fixed coils.

It does not work via perpetual motion, rather it relies on natural magnetic forces and a pulsed electrical input.

The results of the generator were verified by independent engineers from SGS Australia following a test earlier this year, which confirmed the energy output from the generator was indeed greater than its input.

Mr Christie said he and Mr Brits were currently working on a production prototype to suit the domestic market, which they hoped to produce locally.

"If we go with our plan now, there is no reason why it couldn’t be available in Australia in two years," he said.

The engineers’ invention has drawn the ire of many people over the years, including the Australian Sceptics Society.

Mr Christie said it had been a roller-coaster ride since they debuted their invention, involving occasional death threats and rumours of their untimely demise.

"Last year I was apparently killed in a hotel in north Perth somewhere, according to the internet," Mr Christie said. "I was really quite surprised."
Article by RiseEarth.com

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  1. The device is not battery powered, it just needs a jump-start and then it will run until it brakes or you choose to stop it - meanwhile producing 24kw/day.

    Of course, the generator is a working-prototype at this stage, but a company investing in this project could perfect it before selling it.

    This is not the only magnets-based energy generator prototype. Google for more details.

  2. There are others out there that no one knows about. This was a great post and I wish them. I hope TPTB do not find a way to stop this movement.

  3. Where does the energy to manufacture the "powerful permanent magnets" come from?

  4. I already see them putting their devices on the market. They will live! Let's manifest that. :)

  5. This invention is wonderful. However, the thing to keep in mind is that these generators are transitional technologies only. They are not sustainable. The resonant frequency that allows for the amplification of energy is achieved by pulsing the signal in ratios of phi. The energy doesn't come from no where, it comes from the Earth's magnetic field. By extracting energy from the aetheric field, long term use of these technologies would literally destabilize the Earth's gravitational field. It's better than oil, gas, and coal in the short term, but worse than most "green" technologies in the long run.

  6. @Jthan great observation!

    And is the same thing with the so called 'anti-gravity' propulsion. It may be good today, but it's very damaging in time. Just imagine a billion large crafts activating their anti-gravitational 'engines' around our planet. How would this affect Earth's magnetic field?

    I've been trying to make people understand that creating an anti-gravitational 'bubble' around the craft is not the needed solution.

    I don't know if Bob Lazar is genuine or not, but something about the 'Sport Model' craft is very interesting. Its 'engines' were not producing an anti-gravitational field around the craft. By contrary, they were producing a gravitational field to match Earth's magnetic field.

    This sounds very ET from another point of view as well. The engines were CREATING instead of destroying.

    Our cars & planes burn (destroy) fuel in order to work, nuclear plants split (destroy) atoms to generate power.

    We are CREATORS and it's time to act like ones!

    We have already published the complete directions on how to build a model of the Bedini SG. Now, you can see it done, right before your eyes. Here is a full length film of me assembling one of the Bedini SG Energizer Kits, as well as showing how to solder the circuit and connect the coil. Even if you don't have a kit, but want to build your own Bedini SG, take a look at this film. It is very detailed and shows lots of special tips for the home builders:


    And here is a second film that shows exactly how to wind the coil used in the SG model. This process is fully explained in the Beginner's handbook, but here you can see it being done in real time:


    Of course, if you want to also learn all of the circuit theory and energy gain methods, you may still want to own the two Handbooks.

    Bedini SG, The Complete Beginner's Handbook:

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    Steven Greer has been working for years to persuade the government to Disclose what it knows to the public about Extra Terrestrial visitations and Advanced Technology of non-human origin being used by us now. His latest project is a video documentary titled SIRIUS. If this subject is of interest to you, here is a link to that film:


    Most people think it is some wild "conspiracy theory" if anyone claims that the government has ever prevented an invention from coming to market. If you are willing to explore the idea, WIRED magazine just published a story on this topic that you can read here:

    As it turns out, any potentially "disruptive" technology will be evaluated for its "national security" impact and dealt with accordingly. The article is quite even handed in its treatment of the subject, and well worth reading.

    Well, that's it for now. Thanks for all of your support and for helping make this a better world.

    Warm regards,

    Peter Lindemann, DSc
    © Copyright 2013
    Clear Tech, Inc.
    PO Box 713
    Liberty Lake, WA 99019
    drl @ free-energy.ws


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