The Divine Mother Energies

August 15th is the day of Beloved Mother Mary's Ascension, so I asked the Spirit to know more about this day on a deeper level of unders...

August 15th is the day of Beloved Mother Mary's Ascension, so I asked the Spirit to know more about this day on a deeper level of understanding and to allow more Divine Truth to come through me. Here is the explanation, that came forth.

This is "THE day" indeed, the day that is rather important. While many still focus on Jesus and his resurrection, this day is more concerned with the energies of Divine Mother aspect. 

Those who »celebrate« it in a strictly religious manner, do not have a deeper understanding of the energy that this day holds. This is the day, connected with the the Divine Mother qualities.

As many might feel, the month of August is a rather »peaceful« month, at least more than others, while things are not happening that intensely. But it is actually a month, when a lot has to be prepared in the spiritual realms, for the latter, more »intense« Fall months, where there is much »reaping what we have sew«. This month is like an energetic building of foundations, which are building up toward the culmination of the year.

August is kind of like a month, which represents the more »peaceful« energy moments, but those which only seem that way. On a higher level, energies are working with us constantly. It is just the way that Divine Mother energies are operating;. They are slowly and carefully, with great intensity and focus for detail, focusing on the building of the New, while creating in the Present. It is basically how the Divine Feminine energies work.

They create through Love, with great unwavering focus, strength, faith and patience, so that they nurture their seeds just before they blossom into something beautiful. It is like a time of a peaceful retreat before a time of more action, which means when more realization in the denser state is occurring. 

This is a much needed part, a process that is crucial before every major creation is actualized and brought into fruition. It is how the Divine works (plays) with its creations. When things are being created only through Divine Love, they need lots of space to grow and evolve. They need a lot of care and nurturing. 

It's also what Mother Mary actually represents on a deeper level - true Love and Compassion, now also serving as a New Grace of Love, working within Earth's realm. When those attributes are leading the way, the more »active part« is laid aside for a while, saved for later during this process. Through Love, all growth is slow and it's evolving within a high rate at the same time.

Mother Mary is just one aspect of the Divine Mother. It is so multifaceted and some have come to understand this better now. But it is only through this energy, where there is no control what so ever, that true Beauty can radiate out of creation. 

It represents the Divine Perfection within the Divine Plan. So on a higher energetic level, August 15th actually represents the ascension (raising) of this energy, the field of this Divine Feminine attribute. It means culmination point of this energy, so it can expand and grow, which means that it can anchor here on Earth and within Humanity and does its part.

It only represents the culmination of these Divine Mother energies and it is to be honored and spent in total peace, surrender, Self nurture and care, because it's a time before »THE time« for many on this path of Ascension. All those, who are creating through Love, are creating this way, while they are listening only to Divine Will and allowing things to grow and mature slowly, all in Divine timing.

Thank You for bringing forth this message, because it is very important for the consciousness of people, especially those who still think things should be done rapidly. Even when things seem rapid, they in fact still need lots of nurturing time to mature. It is just how the Laws of Creation are!

With Love, Polona, HumansAreFree.com;

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