Comet Elenin: The Hopi Blue Star 'Kachina' - Documentary

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  1. I'm really confused about all the different articles surrounding this topic. Is this the latest and most trustworthy research?


  2. Dear Merkx, I honestly don't know what the absolute truth is, regarding Comet Elenin. And because I don't know it, I'm still searching for it. In the meanwhile, I am sharing all interesting theories or ideas, trying to put together the -small and scarce- pieces of this puzzle.

    I have NO DOUBT that Nibiru/Planet X is real, but I don't know its location. It may be somewhere close, or very-very far away from us.

    (! Please keep in mind that Brown Dwarfs can only be seen via infrared telescopes !)

    Also, I am sure that comet Elenin is very special somehow. There are 100+ comets entering our solar system each year, but none of them ever received so much attention from NASA and media. Something is 'strange' about this comet.

    We should also keep in mind the warnings from NASA leadership to their people.

    Comet Elenin may also be 'served' to us as something thrilling or scary, in order to keep our attention there, while serious changes take place here, on Earth. This sounds plausible as well.

    What I know for sure, is that we have nothing to be scared of. We are infinite and immortal, what's to worry about?!

    ~Love and Peace on Earth~


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