"Us and Them," All One!

Do You notice how quickly things are happening to us on an energetic level, how fast the initiations and activations are? Lately I keep bein...

Do You notice how quickly things are happening to us on an energetic level, how fast the initiations and activations are? Lately I keep being guided to share a certain material and wisdom and so many people are just being drawn to it and resonate with it. It's not even about the words or images, it's all about the energy behind it. We are just triggering one another so rapidly and that makes me feel really conscious about what is going on within this shift of consciousness.
The things is, change always happens on the highest levels at first, and then it slowly progresses and reaches the lower levels. It's like imagining a top of the pyramid, from where all the energy is beaming to the lower levels all the way to the bottom. And all the levels are interconnected and interdependent. The highest levels exist within the lower ones and vice versa. Both are important just as equally in the spiral of the Spirit and both are triggering each other. So as those who are riding the ascension wave first and are in tune with the new energies, because someone always needs to start first (and who better to do it than those who have done it before), the others who are following are just as equally important. It is because of those who follow, that those who are knowers, started remembering and discovered why they are here now. It is because of those "triggers" that some still wish to perceive as "annoying, adolescent and attached", that we started awakening first and are assisting them to awaken as well. And showing them how to do the same.

We came here with immense Love in our pure Hearts, but we started discovering our true nature when we were exposed to the other side of things, to the other side of the coin. We needed those cosmic triggers to become more aware and empowered and less in our victim consciousness. Through "others", we discovered our own true potential, nurturing compassionate nature and sacred wisdom we possess, while being in our Hearts, honest and loyal to ourselves and our Soul. We have a pact with "others" just as they have it with us. It's all one and the same thing, just basically two sides of the same coin.

Our unconditional love we have always carried within our Being would never come out of the closet and resurface again in such a wonderful way and so naturally, if it wasn't for those "organized and planned" triggers. They made us become Self connected, connected to the entire Existence within All Creation, which caused an enormous creativity within us, as Cosmic Beings, just starting to climb towards the tip of the iceberg. It caused us to start sharing our gifts with others, because we are all gifted and we became aware of who we are and started walking the path of Self realization and Self creation, to be the Creators we always were! And how do "others" need us and how is this cosmic game between us all played? As they trigger us, we trigger them back, as ripples in a pond, which cause the waves of frequency to be multiplied and spread throughout the entire body of water. In this case, the cosmic waves of Love spread throughout the body of Earth and the entire Cosmos. This is the basic Law of Oneness, which is beyond words or 3D imagination. We need to completely understand how energy works to grasp on the concept of Oneness, for it is not just a concept at all.

So once again, as they assist us in our remembering, we assist them in their awakening, and that's how we are shifting the consciousness together, changing it one by one, atom by atom, electron by electron. That's how Love, the spiritual Essence of Creation, is spreading and co-creating with the Universe, in this Reality and all others.

So we always need to be thankful and feel deep gratitude and awareness for every single one of those triggers, because they all exist and are placed there as stepping stones on our path. As we remember more, others can learn faster. When it's about their upliftment and growth, it's also for our own. The lessons don't have to be the same, but it's always mutual and every single connection and energy exchange matters, on this never ending path of co-creating within All Existence!

With Love, Polona

P.S. When those on this path of remembrance reconnect, they trigger one another, and all they encounter and connect to, also becomes triggered. It's how energy works!!!

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