Nibiru/Planet X Seen from the South Pole [June 2011]

Video from the 'Palaoa South Polar Staion' webcam. While the Sun is setting down in the left side of the Video, Nibiru/Planet X ...

Video from the 'Palaoa South Polar Staion' webcam.
While the Sun is setting down in the left side of the Video, Nibiru/Planet X clearly appears in the sky as a bright orb from the right side.
Yiolas is a wonderful lady from Cyprus, a member of the Project Avalon forum and she was the one to discover the above video. While she was quickly downloading the video and some of the pictures, some odd things occured. Here is what happened.

Yiolas: "Above is a movie from the Palaoa web cab. This is the link to the site itself.

There is another page on the site that has daily pictures in a chronoligical order. Now this is where it get very, very weird.

As I was writing this post and downloading some of the picture from the site, my computer crashed. Fortunately I had managed to save the two most important pics.

When I began to repost to the thread and copy the links to the pictures, I found that the picture from the web cam at 11.06.2011 11:55 UTC does not have the bright object in the right hand corner. The one I had downloaded only 5 minutes before with the time, date and place does have the bright object.

You can clearly see the place, time and date on the pictures.


This is the link to the pictures page:

The picture at 13:55 is different from the one that I downloaded only a few minutes ago!! What's going on here ? Please look at the movie now !!, because since I last went to the site, the image of the spere is slowly being erased."

This is the picture that is on the web site now:
And here's the picture that I downloaded:
More replies:

"What I'm saying is that, as I was saving pictures from their site to upload onto the Avalon thread my computer crashed. The picture that I downloaded from the "official.authentic" AWI site was different when I was able to go back to the site after restarting my computer.

The picture with the bright object in the upper right hand corner is no longer there. From what I now understand in the few minutes it had taken me to get back on- line they had changed the dates from the 11th of June to the 12th of June. You can clearly see the dates on the pictures. I did not alter the picture in any way !! 

Looking at the movie now, you can still see a small part of this bright object in the far top right hand corner at 13:55. 
Look for yourself. I have no need to make anything up. Play the movie in step by step mode.

My suspicion is that the you tube video drew to much attention to what was on the web cam on the 11th that they hastily updated their photos and possibly slightly changed the position of the camera ever so slightly so as to not show this bright object, or the object (if it is moving rapidly) is not visible in that part of the sky at the same time as on the 11th."

"Furthermore, After watching the you tube video I went directly to the Palaoa web cam site to confirm for myself that this video was authentic. IT WAS !.
I did not post this information to the thread until I had confirmed it for myself.
Little did I now that they would change the pictures in the short time it took me to post.

We should be very suspicious of this, because if the object was a neighboring planet it would have remained in the general vicinity in the sky for a few days, right ? So why was it there on the 11th and not on the 12th?"

Exopolitics.TV - Elenin, Nibiru - Global Interview:

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