Empowerment Through Mastering Our Emotions

Many people know the words »what you cannot feel, you cannot heal«, you cannot make whole again. It is true, we are all reaching and going t...

Many people know the words »what you cannot feel, you cannot heal«, you cannot make whole again. It is true, we are all reaching and going towards becoming whole again, letting all parts of our Self come back and reunite with the parts of us that are already here and present. Everything is being drawn towards an even greater presence.
This is a Divine reunion of the Self! There is not one person, who is not seeking a connection with the Divine, willingly or unwillingly, consciously or subconsciously. But we cannot walk towards our Self Mastery, if we are not connected to who we are, to what our Essence is. 

The path towards Self Mastery starts with feeling. All true Masters were actually Masters of emotions first. It is a basic nature to what the consciousness expressed as a Human Being actually is. Human Being is a Being of pure Love. And this Divine Being becomes aware of its presence through knowing its emotions, through feeling them. So when you connect and open to your emotions, you connect to your feeling. And feeling brings knowing. And in knowing, there is awareness. There, in the complete presence of the Divinity that a conscious Human Being is. All Humans learn about their nature through emotions, it is how we are as a kind of consciousness manifested in this form. Our emotions are our gift, they are our guide. They are a pathway, since they open the doors to the core of who we are. We learn through observing our emotions. Most people do this through relationships with others and these relationships are not limited to just another Human Being. As Humans, we relate to every single thing that is a part of Creation, to All that surrounds us. This includes our relationship with Nature, animals, plants, crystals, and minerals … All Life, expressed in various forms of Creation.

All of this Creation is made in a way to bring us a gift of coming to an encounter with our emotions, which get triggered when we interact, meaning that we relate and merge to any given thing within Creation. 
That is all good and understood, since many people already get this part. Most of them are aware of what they are interacting with. But how does one go from learning about their emotions to feeling them, and through observing them … Mastering them, which is all about empowerment of the Self?

Only an aware Self is an empowered Self. And only through complete awareness of the emotions that flow through us as Human, living and breathing Beings, one can start walking the path to Mastering their emotions. Firstly, you have to start feeling. That sounds rather easy, but a lot of people are numb to the point they don't even realize and feel the emotions and the amount that is stored within them.

Many people go through life feeling completely numb, lost, confused, while thinking it's all fine anyway.Numbness is actually the most tricky part, since it makes you comfortable in this comfort zone, locked in your own imprisonment of non-feeling and non-sensitivity, completely unaware of emotions and their primary function. Many people go through life without even noticing that. Why is that? Because in this case, numbness works like a »cure« for the pain, in a world where ignorance is bliss!

Many have stored something in a special »box« inside of their Heart, never allowing themselves to open it, some have stored less, some have stored a lot. They are then too afraid to even come close to it, but mostly they are not even aware that something is actually there that needs to come out, in order for it to become whole again. Most have been "taught" things in their childhood, or prone to »familiar« patterns, many have actually been »taught« not to feel, and have closed their pure innocent loving Hearts in order to be »normal«, to be »okay«. They truly felt this was the way it is. Or even worse, they convinced themselves, this is personality related.  The first step in this case is just allowing the possibility that something might be there, locked and imprisoned, waiting to be set free again, released and whole again. And then it can start unfolding naturally. When that is allowed, approaching this »issue« is the easiest when we realize that nothing that is in this »box« is bigger than who we are. No »issue«, fear or suppressed emotion is bigger than the Divine Being we are!

When we finally allow ourselves to feel, we allow ourselves to heal. We start embracing and welcoming All that is there, and realizing that all is of the Divine. Nothing is either positive or negative, good or bad, all just is and all is allowed to come to surface once again. And we let all those emotions flow, until we are a limitless vessel that has no beginning and no end. All must flow, in order to go! It might not be easy in the beginning, but we might soon discover how freeing it actually is!

We are then ready to become aware that we are not our emotions.We are merely the observers, who are experiencing them. And when we see every experience as such as a gift, we are definitely on the right path to better Self understanding and awareness. All that we feel should be approached with non judgment and no self criticism, but instead through unconditional love and acceptance. Whatever we feel, we allow, until we feel it no more.

When we reach the phase, when we are merely a conscious observer, we fully realize that our emotions are only there to make us more Self aware, meaning we are aware of who our Being is, who is the Self! They are like a compass. And they lead to feeling, which means we operate from the Heart and allow emotions to show us how we feel, but we do not let them take charge over us.

When we start walking towards Self Mastery, we are the ones guiding the way of the Self, fully through feeling the Divine nature of our Being. And our emotions become like a compass, which is pointing us in the right direction, one that is for our highest good, where the reality of a certain situation is unfolding.We exchange being unreal and ilusory with being real, conscious and aware. We start walking the path of a benevolent Human Being, a Master of its emotions. And when we become it, we are on a way to spiritual Divine alchemy, knowing how to transform any given energetic pattern.

Do you still think emotions are not that important?

With Love, Polona

P.S. Whatever we feel, we feel for a reason. Those bright and brave individuals, who are never afraid to look inside their »box«, will always be rewarded. And the reward is always the same … LOVE!

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